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Studying Generation C in the Workplace



SIOP Blogger Chris Salute Discusses Workplace Implications of the Newest Generation

Generation C, those born between 1990 and 2010, could have major implications for the way the workforce operates, according to SIOP blogger Chris Salute. Unfortunately, one major limitation of studying this generation is that most of them have not yet entered the workforce.

In his recent post for the SIOP Exchange, Salute discusses this recently recognized generation, the limitations for studying their impact on the workplace, and possible changes these “digital natives” might expect at work.

“This new generation was first introduced in early 2011 by Booz and Company in an article about their consumer preferences,” Salute explains in his post. “Recently, it has been officially recognized by Nielsen as Generation C. It is the first generation of what we call ‘digital natives.’ The ‘C’ stands for connected and communicative…we can only work with a small sample and make vague inferences from trends we’ve seen in Generation Y (those born between 1980 and 2000). The generational overlap gets confusing. But, what we can say is that Gen C will expect constant and immediate feedback at the workplace. They will try to make use of the technology around them, forgoing the traditional cubicle-style workplace for a home-based work environment.”

Salute asks several questions about this new generation, which he encourages readers to help answer.

“We’ve got some ideas on how this technology will shape Generation C,” he explains in his post. “Will they prefer a more flexible work schedule since they are constantly connected? Will their technical skills make them more trainable? Will their lack of formal communication make them less marketable? Or, are these technology preferences just one component of what makes up this generation as opposed to a trend that will alter employee selection and development as we know it?”

Continue reading the entire first post by SIOP blogger Chris Salute here and post your reactions and comments to the Exchange today.

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