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SIOP Spotlight on... SIOP Store



Check Out SIOP’s Online Store for New I-O Titles and Summer Discounts!

If you are looking for an I-O textbook or journal, or even some official SIOP merchandise, the SIOP Store has what you’re looking for!

The SIOP Store features SIOP and I-O-related publications for purchase from the Society and other online providers. The SIOP Store is located under the “Publications” dropdown menu on SIOP’s homepage. This online store features an expansive selection of textbooks, handbooks, journals, and various other I-O-related publications, including books in the SIOP Organizational Frontiers Series and Professional Practice Series.

Now through Wednesday, June 27, you can receive 10% off your entire SIOP Store purchase using the coupon code “siopsummer”!*

Looking for some great summer reading? We are offering new discounts for members in the SIOP Store! These prices are available while supplies last. This is your opportunity to add more titles to your I-O resource library at greatly reduced prices.

The discounted items are:

Resizing the Organization
Edited by Kenneth DeMeuse and Mitchell Marks
SIOP member price = $29.00 (57% off the publisher list price of $67.00!)

Evolving Practices in Human Resources Management
Edited by Allen Kraut and Abraham Korman
SIOP member price = $29.00 (64% off the publisher list price of $80.00!)

The Brave New World of eHR
Edited by Hal Gueutal and Dianna Stone
SIOP member price = $49.00 (39% off the publisher list price of $80.00!)

Comprehensive Handbook of Psychological Assessment, Vol. 4
Edited by Jay Thomas
SIOP member price = $165.00 (32% off the publisher list price of $242.00!)

These items can all be found by searching for “Special” in the title in the SIOP Store. When you’re finished looking through the sale items, take time to check out our newest titles currently available in the store, including:

The Psychology of Negotiations in the 21st Century Workplace
Edited by Barry Goldman and Debra Shapiro (Routledge, 2012)

In the 21st century workplace "litigation explosion" and its increasing costs and risk of lawsuit make negotiation - rather than litigation - an attractive alternative. This new volume, with contributions from experts in psychology, management, and other disciplines, bridges the gap between management and negotiation research. Managers, students, and researchers interested in the field of negotiation will find this new book in SIOP’s organizational frontiers series of interest. (You can also read more about this book this week in the feature story on SIOP.org!)

Personal Relationships
Edited by Lillian Turner de Tormes Eby and Tammy Allen (Routledge, 2012)
We know that positive, fulfilling, and satisfying relationships are strong predictors of life satisfaction, psychological health, and physical well-being. This edited volume uses research and theory on the need to belong as a foundation to explore various types of relationships, with an emphasis on the influence of these relationships on employee attitudes, behaviors, and well-being. The book will consider a wide range of relationships that may affect work attitudes, specifically, supervisory, coworker, team, customer and nonwork relationships. The study of relationships spans many subareas within I-O psychology and social psychology, specifically leadership, supervision, mentoring, work-related social support, work teams, bullying/interpersonal deviance, and work/nonwork interface.

Please also take a look at this item, now available for preorder:

Managing Human Resources for Environmental Sustainability
Edited by Susan E. Jackson, Deniz S. Ones, Stephan Dilchert, and Kurt Kraiger (Jossey-Bass, July 2012)

Businesses are being pressured by governments, customers, and employees alike to adopt environmentally friendly policies and practices. This volume describes these trends and examines their implications for scholars and practitioners of human resource management. It explores the macro context that is shaping organizational responses to environmental concerns and includes several case studies that illustrate organizational initiatives that have clear implications for workforce management. The book also presents empirical research that is directly relevant to human resource management for environmentally friendly organizations. International in scope, it reflects concerns of different regions of the world North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. (If you want to learn more about environmental sustainability, consider registering for this year’s Leading Edge Consortium!)

We hope you take the time to check out these great titles, but are you looking for something in particular? You can search by title, editor/author, ISBN, category, or keyword, so it’s easy to find exactly what you are looking for, and allows users to view a description of each book as well as the table of contents or an excerpt, so you can take a look before you buy your book. The Store also features an efficient checkout system that calculates your shipping costs by zip code, and all domestic customers receive UPS tracking information when their order is shipped.

Customers need not be SIOP members to make purchases in the SIOP Store, but SIOP members do receive a 20% discount on many of the items in the store. To receive the discount, SIOP members should login to the SIOP website before purchasing their items.

If you are the author or publisher of a book, you can sell your title on the SIOP Store. SIOP offers various subscription categories to sell your books online. Selling with SIOP is an easy and convenient way to advertise your publication to more than 8,000 SIOP members and site visitors who are interested in exactly what your publication offers. More information is available here.

Books aren’t the only items offered at the SIOP Store. Show your pride as a SIOP member by purchasing some of SIOP’s exclusive merchandise, such as the SIOP polo shirt, a member lapel pin, a SIOP mouse pad, or DVDs of previous leading edge consortia. Whatever your interest, the SIOP Store is sure to have something for you. Check out the Store today!

* Limit one coupon code use per member