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Hiring for the Bottom Line


by Josh Denton

Josh DentonIs This the Right Strategy?

Every organization thinks about the bottom line, but looking for botton-line focused employees while disregarding other important traits may not be a good idea, according to SIOP blogger Josh Denton.

In his first post for the SIOP Exchange, titled “Hiring Employees Focused on the Bottom Line: Is This the Right Strategy?” Denton discusses his thoughts on organizations that focus only on a bottom-line focus in potential employees.

“With many factors affecting employee performance, choosing only the bottom-line trait will miss describing other traits an applicant or employee has that can help improve the organization’s mission,” he explains in his post.

Denton goes on to discuss what he believes those organizations focused only on this certain type of employee miss:

  • Organizations need to have an inclusive culture that encourages positive changes in workplace strategy. This must start with leaders in the organization. Be it a CEO, a middle manager, or a department manager, the strategy is the same: encourage and offer flexibility for employees to fulfill desirable changes.
  • Change from merely a profit-driven perspective to a customer-first mindset. Business’ primary purpose is to sell a product or service, not profits. Businesses sell to people, not organizations. Recognizing this is a key to fostering a positive customer experience.
  • Reinforce positive employees who take the extra step to follow and, subsequently, lead the way towards positive organizational behaviors.

Continue reading the entire first post by SIOP blogger Josh Denton here and post your reactions and comments to the Exchange today.

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