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Sustainability: Fad, Topic, or Paradigm?



Cathy and David DuboisRead More From SIOP’s Blog Team on the SIOP Exchange!

In their inaugural blog post for the SIOP Exchange, Cathy and David Dubois begin by addressing whether sustainability is a fad—a green patina to freshen old concepts and practices; a legitimate, but narrow research topic, requiring only a handful of scholars and practitioners; or a substantive paradigm that can shed new light on I-O.
“While sustainability reflects the emotional fervor of a passing fad and shows signs of becoming a burgeoning set of research streams, we propose that it is more accurately a paradigm—a framework or perspective for interpreting, evaluating, and shaping behavior in real-world contexts,” explain David and Cathy in their post, the first in their continuing series written for SIOP members who are interested in I-O-related sustainability issues, focused on both research and practice.
“We frequently puzzle over the laissez-faire attitude of our colleagues about the challenges posed by ecological disruptions of climate change, peak oil, environmental toxins, declines in biodiversity, and so forth,” they continue. “We hope you enlighten us. More to the point, we hope this blog can serve as a forum and useful entry point to engaging the broad spectrum of interests within SIOP. We believe SIOP can play a pivotal role in addressing these organizational and societal challenges, as it is the fulcrum between social science and business.”

Continue reading the entire first post by SIOP bloggers Cathy and David DuBois here and post your reactions and comments to the Exchange today.
Check back to the Exchange in the coming weeks for new posts from SIOP’s bloggers!

About SIOP’s Bloggers
SIOP’s bloggers have been posting since late 2011. This group of members serves as opinion leaders and conversation starters. They contribute regularly to the content of the Exchange on various topics related to the field of I-O psychology, discussing topics as diverse as innovation in organizations, employee well-being, leadership development, legal issues, education and training of students, I-O and sustainability, selection and assessment, entrepreneurship, groups and teams, and women in the workplace.
The SIOP blogger crew is also a diverse one, with Members, Student Affiliates, and Associates from science and practice, working in organizations across the country.
For a complete list of SIOP bloggers, visit the blogger profile page on the SIOP Exchange here.

If you have any questions about the SIOP Exchange, please contact the SIOP Electronic Communications Committee Chair Chris Rotolo at christopher.rotolo@pepsico.com. For technical questions, contact Stephany Schings Below at sbelow@siop.org. For more information about contributor guidelines, view the Exchange post policy here.