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Do You Have the Access?


by Clif Boutelle

Do You Have the Access?

Research Access Service Proves a Valuable Addition to SIOP Membership

By Clif Boutelle, SIOP Public Relations

SIOP’s Research Access service, launched in November, is proving to be a popular add-on to SIOP membership.

SIOP Research Access (SRA) offers valuable access to thousands of publications through EBSCO, the world’s foremost premium research database service, as well as hundreds of audio and video presentations from SIOP’s annual conference and leading edge consortium in the Learning Center. The service makes three EBSCO research databases—Business Source Corporate, Psychology and Behavioral Science Collection, and SocIndex—available to SIOP members.

As of February 1, 210 SIOP members have subscribed to the service, about a third of the 600 needed for SIOP to break even on the project.

Rich Cober, vice president of Talent Management Analytics and Solutions at Marriott International in Bethesda, MD, and chair of SIOP’s Professional Practices Committee, said the new service has been well received by those who have signed up to this point, and he expects subscriptions will increase with the renewal season associated with SIOP’s membership year.

“Already the Research Access project has brought value to membership in SIOP, both in cost and availability of current literature,” Cober said.

Phyllis Mellon, transformation director of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, agrees.

“It is an excellent complement to the other services of SIOP,” she said.

The cost for research access is $50 annually and can be added to the dues members pay when they renew their annual SIOP membership beginning in May. Payments made between March 1 and April 30 will be applied to the 2012 membership. A partial-year rate of $25 can be purchased $25 through Feb. 29 and is good through April 30. After that the $50 rate will be in effect. Similar to the SIOP dues process, Research Access payments made between March 1 and April 30 will apply toward the 2012 dues year.

Diane Damos, president of Damos Aviation Services, Inc. in Gurnee, IL offers a practical reason for liking Research Access.

“By including EBSCO (through SIOP Research Access) as a membership benefit, SIOP saves me hundreds of dollars a year in article costs and a great deal of time that I would otherwise spend searching for articles,” she said.

Shelley Kirkpatrick has also found the service beneficial in her work as director of Assessment Services for Management Concepts in Vienna, VA.

“I often write articles for nonacademic audiences and want to reference the latest findings so that I can pass along the most current best practices,” she said.

Kirkpatrick frequently uses the Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection on EBSCO, which enables her to have access to a wide range of research and topics that would not otherwise have been available. Previously, the only way she could stay current was to subscribe to research journals, which was costly and limited her exposure to up-to-date studies.

“With this service, I have access to hundreds of journals,” Kirkpatrick said. “It has met a real need for me,”

The SIOP Research Access service came along at a good time for Damos. She previously was able to subscribe to EBSCO through her alumni association and found it very helpful in her work. When the alumni group dropped the service this year her disappointment turned to relief when she learned that SIOP Research Access included EBSCO access.

“It was a wonderful opportunity to get access to journals I needed in my work,” she said.

Mellon likes the convenience the Research Access service provides.

“I have the ability to access information quickly from my desktop,” she said. “That saves me a lot of time.”

And, she says, it is the kind of information that is useful in developing her projects with the Michigan Economic Development Corp.

“It helps me determine the best course of action and also provides ideas and information I can use to assist my colleagues,” she added.

Cober has heard similar comments from other SIOP members who are very pleased with SIOP’s Research Access service.

“It is something I hope more members, especially practitioners, will consider when they renew their SIOP membership this spring,” he said.

For more information about the SIOP Research Access service, visit the SRA homepage on SIOP.org .