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SIOP Offers the Access!



Learning Center Resources Paired with EBSCO Database in New Research Access Service
Recently SIOP launched a new service that offers members a complete package of online research access!
The SIOP Research Access service makes three EBSCO Host research databases—Business Source Corporate, Psychology and Behavioral Science Collection, and SocIndex—as well as the SIOP Learning Center available to SIOP members at one low rate.
The EBSCO databases feature thousands of publications, including most that are highly sought after by SIOP members, while the Learning Center features access to hundreds of audio and video files from previous SIOP Annual Conferences and Leading Edge Consortia. A complete list of EBSCO publications and Learning Center recordings available through the new SIOP Research Access service can be found on the publications index page.
SIOP President Adrienne Colella announced late last year that after several months of negotiations, the Professional Practice Committee, chaired by Rich Cober, and the SIOP Administrative Office were able to come to an agreement with EBSCO, the world’s foremost premium research database service, to offer the three databases to SIOP members at a favorable rate. SIOP has decided to offer this EBSCO access through the SIOP Research Access service, providing members a wider variety of publications and audio and visual research resources.

This SIOP Research Access service is now available to members at a prorated cost of $25 for the partial inaugural year. Starting in spring of 2012, annual access will coincide with the SIOP dues schedule, which runs May 1 through April 30. The rate will be $50 annually, with a partial-year rate of $25 available to those subscribing between December 1 and February 28.*
Subscribe online here!
“This is one of the most valuable member benefits ever offered to SIOP members,” said David Nershi, director of SIOP’s administrative office, about the SIOP research Access service. “SIOP is continually looking to add greater value to our membership, and thanks to the efforts of the Professional Practices Committee the EBCSO access included in the service is one more example of that.”

The project started three years ago when the Professional Practices Committee surveyed SIOP practitioners and asked what services they would like to see SIOP offer. The overwhelming reply was access to current research literature found in professional journals.

“Research databases have typically only been easily accessible by those working at universities,” said Professional Practices Committee member Tracy Kantrowitz, director of research and development of SHL in Atlanta. “Making the EBSCO databases available to SIOP practitioners helps bridge the scientist-practitioner gap by connecting practitioners with the latest research findings they can incorporate into their practice.”

While the chief beneficiaries of the EBSCO database access are practitioners, Cober, senior director of talent management at Marriott International in Annandale, VA, said there may be some members at universities who would find the service beneficial. In addition, the Learning Center portion of the SIOP Research Access service has a broad appeal, as it offers original recorded content from SIOP’s various meetings and highlights research from SIOP members on numerous topics within the field of I-O psychology.

Cober lauded the work of the committee and the Administrative Office in doing the groundwork that made the SIOP Research Access service possible.

“We are excited that this project has come to fruition,” he said. “Now, it is important that enough members subscribe to the database service to make the effort cost effective.” Cober estimated that about 600 registrations will be needed in order for SIOP to break even on the Research Access service project.
“We think the value this brings to the membership, both in terms of cost and availability of current literature, is something that will appeal to many SIOP members,” he added.

*Similar to the SIOP dues process, SIOP Research Access payments made between March 1 and April 30 will apply toward the upcoming year’s annual access. Unlike the dues process, SIOP Research Access service dues do not have a renewal grace period, meaning they end April 30 and are not extended through June.