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Search, Select and Hire Top Talents Using Vocational Interests


by Vivian Wing-Sheung Chan

Read More from SIOP’s New Blog Team on the SIOP Exchange!

Vocational interests are not simply fun and games. They are promising predictors for selection, according to Vivian Wing-Sheung Chan, a contributing blogger for the SIOP Exchange. Chan discuss her thoughts this week in her first blog post for a continuing series on the topic of emotions and personality differences in leaders and entrepreneurs.
“Aren’t vocational interests simply hobbies or fun tasks individuals choose to do in their past times? How does this play as a predictor?” Chan asks in her blog post. “Actually, vocational interests are stable individual difference preferences for specific work activities and environments. Theoretical perspectives from vocational psychology have suggested that interests affect employee performance in two ways. First, vocational interests affect how individuals align their goals and fuel their motivation towards their choice in some specific careers as opposed to others. Second, vocational interests affect how individuals are motivated to acquire the relevant knowledge and skills that allow them to improve their task performance on the job. It is no wonder that vocational interests have a positive relationship with job performance (as task performance is part of job performance) and training performance (as these individuals are motivated to acquire relevant skills and knowledge).”
Continue reading the entire first SIOP blogger post by Vivian Wing-Sheung Chan here and post your reactions and comments to the Exchange today.
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About SIOP’s Bloggers
SIOP’s bloggers have been posting since late 2011. This group of members serves as opinion leaders and conversation starters. They contribute regularly to the content of the Exchange on various topics related to the field of I-O psychology, discussing topics as diverse as innovation in organizations, employee well-being, leadership development, legal issues, education and training of students, I-O and sustainability, selection and assessment, entrepreneurship, groups and teams, and women in the workplace.
The SIOP blogger crew is also a diverse one, with Members, Student Affiliates, and Associates from science and practice, working in organizations across the country.
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