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How Selection Consultants Change the World



Read More From SIOP’s New Blog Team on the SIOP Exchange!
Selection consultants can and do change the world on a daily basis, according to Adam W. Hilliard, one of the new contributing bloggers for the SIOP Exchange. Adam discusses his thoughts this week in his first blog post for his continuing series on the topic of selection and assessment.
“If every hourly worker is hired using a more rigorous process and is 10% more productive in a year, with a value of 50,000 in output, then produces 5,000 more in revenue, multiply that by 400,” Adam says. “The company just gained a net $2,000,000 and produced more for less in a year. Add in decreased cost of safety incidents/workers’ comp, absenteeism, and turnover, the company then runs less aggressively against its margins and can consider expansion sooner. Certainly this affects the GDP on a small scale, but it is a purposeful, additive, and positive gain. It may not completely change the economy, but it’s a pretty good start.”
Continue reading the entire first SIOP blogger post by Adam Hilliard here and post your reactions and comments to the Exchange today.
Check back to the Exchange in the coming weeks for new posts from SIOP’s bloggers!
About SIOP’s Bloggers
SIOP’s bloggers began posting last month. This group of members serves as opinion leaders and conversation starters. They contribute regularly to the content of the Exchange on various topics related to the field of I-O psychology, discussing topics as diverse as innovation in organizations, employee well-being, leadership development, legal issues, education and training of students, I-O and sustainability, selection and assessment, entrepreneurship, groups and teams, and women in the workplace.
The SIOP blogger crew is also a diverse one, with Members, Student Affiliates, and Associates from science and practice, working in organizations across the country. . For a complete list of SIOP bloggers, visit the blogger profile page on the SIOP Exchange here.
If you have any questions about the SIOP Exchange, please contact the SIOP Electronic Communications Committee Chair Chris Rotolo at christopher.rotolo@pepsico.com. For technical questions, contact Stephany Schings Below at sbelow@siop.org. For more information about contributor guidelines, view the Exchange post policy here.