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Registration for 33rd annual IOOB Conference Opens November 11!


by Stephany Schings Below


One of the most salient challenges facing organizations today centers around managing multicultural organizations with globally distributed workforces, according to the organizers of the 33rd annual Industrial Organizational/Organizational Behavior (IOOB) Graduate Student Conference.


Technology has been touted as a solution to many of the issues global organizations face, but often introduces additional challenges. Thus the 2012 IOOB conference seeks to connect these two disciplines with the topic of “Practicing I/O and OB in the New World: The Challenges of a Multicultural, Globally Distributed, Technologically Mediated Workplace.”


Registration for this conference, to be hosted by the University of Central Florida March 9-11, 2012, opens November 11. The call for proposals will also be dispersed on that date.


Registration opens November 11 on the
2012 IOOB website!


The challenges introduced by multicultural, globally distributed organizations impact all facets of industrial-organizational psychology and organizational behavior ranging from designing selection systems to hire employees oversees, to training a highly heterogeneous workforce, to implementing organizational change in organizations spread across the globe, explain the IOOB steering committee. The group chose this year’s topic in order to open a dialogue among graduate students on this pressing research need.

“We chose this theme mainly because in the past years much research has been done on culture and the impacts of a globally expanding workplace,” explained William Kramer, a graduate research associate at the Institute of Simulation and Training and member of the IOOB 2012 steering committee, which also includes Christopher Wiese, Rebecca Grossman, and Marissa Shuffler.

“Independent of this research, there has also been focus on virtuality in the workplace—whether it is through videoconferencing meetings, non-collocated teams, etc.,”added Kramer, who is also president of Student Professionals in I/O Psychology, which will be funding and helping coordinate the event, and chair of the IOOB 2012 Awards Committee. “However, there has been little overlap across the disciplines. It was our hope that this theme would push for an intersection across the two streams of research.”

Kramer said the IOOB conference

“Someone should attend this conference because it is a conference for graduate students, designed by graduate students,” Kramer explained. “It is a perfect way to practice your SIOP poster or simply gain feedback on your research in a non-judgmental, student environment. Specifically, for those individuals who might be intimidated by being asked questions about their research from leading names in the field, this would prove to be a great sounding board that will ease them into the big leagues, so to speak.”



The 2012 IOOB call for proposals will close December 21 at 5PM EST.


The IOOB committee understands that many students interested in presenting at and attending the conference may not have research or research interests directly related to the conference theme. Therefore, they encourage, but by no means require, submissions that incorporate issues regarding multicultural interactions, global distribution, and technological mediation in the workplace. The most fitting submissions will be organized into a conference-theme track of presentations, while quality submissions ranging across the full spectrum of IO and OB topics will also be included to provide a comprehensive look at current research in the fields of IO and OB in order to appeal to the widest potential audience. The theme of the conference will simply serve to stimulate new thinking and interest in one of the most practically relevant and quickly emerging issues in today’s workplace.

Those interested in attending or submitting can find more information at www.ioob2012.com. Specific questions can be submitted through the contact form on that website.

IOOB 2013 Conference Call for Host Proposals

The California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) at Alliant International University is now accepting proposals to host the 2013 IOOB conference!

The deadline for submissions is February 1, 2012

Those considering hosting the 2013 event should check out the call for proposals and a sample proposal. Also, be sure to review the IOOB 2011 conference satisfaction and lessons learned. Questions and completed proposals can be submitted to IOOB2011@gmail.com.