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An Update on the Alliance for Organizational Psychology



An Update on the Alliance for Organizational Psychology

The European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP), Division 1 of the International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP), and SIOP have fully agreed, making the Alliance for Organizational Psychology official. Now those involved in the governance of the Alliance are working to make its founding goals a reality.

One of the benefits of the Alliance is greater opportunities for collaboration and communication among I-O psychologists, explained SIOP Fellow Milt Hakel, President of the Alliance.

“There is a tremendous amount we can learn from psychologists in other countries,” he said. “The Alliance will make it easy to find colleagues with similar interests who are willing to share their experiences.”
Hakel said SIOP will be more aligned with global trends and influences through the Alliance.
“Global commerce has been growing explosively for decades,” he explained. “It’s time for us expand our horizons.”
Final agreement about launching the Alliance as an independent global federation came at the EAWOP congress in Maastricht in May. Its governing body will now meet in Bologna, Italy, this November to hold its initial meeting.
Each of the founding partners has appointed three representatives to the governing body of the Alliance. Representing SIOP will be Adrienne Colella, Eduardo Salas, and Donald Truxillo. EAWOP will be represented by Nik Chmiel, Franco Fraccaroli, and Salvatore Zappala. IAAP-Division 1’s representatives are Handan Sinangil, Gary Latham, and Barbara Kozusznik.
The representatives and President Milt Hakel, Secretary General Arnold Bakker, and Treasurer Jose M. Peiró will meet to make the decisions needed to transform the ideas presented in the governance plan and its addendum into the global federation envisioned by the founding partners, Hakel said. The Alliance governance plans and addendum, as well as the memorandum of collaboration, are all available to read on the Alliance website.
The agenda in Bologna will contain three major items: (a) creation and registration of a not-for-profit legal entity, (b) admission of additional federated societies, and (c) provision of Web services to members including an opt-in portal. (To read more about the agenda and the Alliance’s plans, catch the October 2011 TIP article!)
The Alliance for Organizational Psychology launched at the 2009 Annual Conference, when Past President Gary Latham, EAWOP President Franco Fraccaroli, and International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP) Division 1 President José M. Peiró signed a declaration of collaboration.

A history of the Alliance can be found in various articles on SIOP.org:
Members should visit the Alliance’s new Web site at www.AllianceOrgPsych.org for more information and updates. There you will have the opportunity to opt-in by clicking the “Register” link (upper right corner of the home page, next to “Login”). Upon registering you will gain access to the content open to Alliance members.
To read more about the Alliance, make sure you read Milt Hakel’s October TIP article!