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SIOP Spotlight On... JobNet



There's No Better Place to Look for I-O Professionals Than the Premier Society for I-O Psychology

Whether you are an employer looking for the best candidates for an I-O psychology position or an I-O psychologist looking for a job,
JobNet can help connect you to the employer or employee you are looking for!

JobNet helps employers find highly qualified and skilled candidates in the field of I-O psychology to meet their employment needs. Employers can post jobs for 3, 6, or 12 months and can advertise single or multiple jobs beginning at only $400 for a single posting for 3 months. Employers can also purchase a featured listing at an extra cost to be sure potential employees see their job opening first.
Job seekers can then view those available positions and descriptions on the SIOP Web site at no charge. There, they are able to view full descriptions and contact information for all of JobNet’s available positions.
For a small fee ($25 members, $60 nonmembers), JobNet also offers job seekers the option of subscribing to JobNet and placing a resume in a password-protected database that can be accessed only by employer subscribers.

JobNet is one of the most popular services on SIOP’s Web site. JobNet receives more Web traffic than almost any other page on SIOP.org (followed closely by the
Graduate Training Program page), with an average of more than 300 visitors per day. SIOP has also recently launched a “Jobs” tab on its Facebook page to make it easier to access JobNet while interacting on social media. Visit the tab to get access to JobNet job listings, login, and rates.
A great deal of work went into developing JobNet 9 years ago. The process began at the 1999 SIOP Annual Conference in Atlanta when then-President Elaine Pulakos and Linda Sawin observed the popularity of the Conference Placement Center and wondered if SIOP could put together a placement service to operate year round.
After months of brainstorming and development, JobNet made its online debut in December of 2000, with about 16 job listings. Over the years, the JobNet service has been updated to offer a wide variety of services and benefits to job seekers and employers. Currently, there are 82 jobs and 54 resumes posted on JobNet.
More on the history of JobNet is available here in a story written by Clif Boutelle for the January 2005 issue of TIP. Access JobNet on the homepage under the “jobs” tab or click here.
Editor’s Note: Periodically, SIOP will post “SIOP Spotlight On…” about various features and services SIOP offers. These stories are beneficial for both new SIOP members, to introduce them to what SIOP offers, as well as current SIOP members, as a refresher on the wonderful benefits of belonging to the premier I-O psychology society. As always, questions about any of our services can be directed to the SIOP Administrative Office at (419) 353-0032 or via e-mail at siop@siop.org.