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SIOP's International Affairs Committee Launches New Page on Wiki

If you are looking for a way to share your knowledge and information with fellow I-O psychologists, consider posting to the SIOP Wiki!
SIOP’s wiki project launched at the 2010 annual conference, and SIOP has been looking to its members to help make the wikis a useful resource for everyone. Similar to sites like Wikipedia, SIOP’s wikis are open to anyone to view and edit. The main focus of the wiki project is the “Science and Practice Resources,” which includes pages for various I-O topics to which members can post new research, conference proposals, and any other resources related to the topic.
The SIOP wiki also includes a new addition in its committee pages section. The International Affairs Committee recently launched its publicly available pages, which include information such as committee and subcommittee rosters, member profiles, committee goals, photos, international conference listings, and a special “search by country” section that allows members to search for TIP articles and other information regarding specific countries.
"The International Affairs Committee chose the wiki pages as a medium to assist us in disseminating information not only amongst committee members, but to the larger international community of academia and professional practice," explained committee member Lynda Zugec, who has spearheaded the committee's presence on the wiki. "We are in the process of welcoming and developing an international community of contributors seeking to share their research, insights, and experiences and the wiki pages provide the infrastructure we need to achieve these objectives."

To get to the committee's wiki pages, visit siop.editme.com, click the “SIOP Committees” link on the left-hand side of the page, and click on “International Affairs Committee.” The “Search by Country” option is listed on the committee’s main page.
The wiki is designed to be a depository for information related to the science and practice of I-O psychology. You can add information on best practices, specific tests and resources, white papers, journal articles, links to informative websites—whatever you feel would benefit professionals in the field of I-O! You can post a number of different resources you would like to share with colleagues and other I-Os, including:
·          Conference or LEC presentation materials-This SIOP wiki is an easy way to get your presentation materials out to SIOP members. Pages are categorized into several broad topics, so all you have to do is go to the site, click on “Science and Practice Resources,” choose which topic your session falls under, and add your materials to that page (A good example is the Testing/Assessment section of the wiki)!
·          White papers, research, and articles-Have you published something you think others could use in the workplace, such as a scale, test, or process? Put it on the wiki and help others who may need your research! For an example, see the Careers/Mentoring/Socialization/Onboarding/Retirement section of the wiki.
·          Links of interest-If you know of a website that can be very helpful in the practice or science of I-O psychology, you can post it to the wiki, though we do ask that you not link to any inappropriate or purely commercial content. See an example in the comment posted in the Legal Issues/Employment Law section.
·          Informational materials-If you or your institution has created educational materials that explain I-O psychology or different disciplines within the I-O community, share them with your colleagues on the wiki. These could include brochures, case studies, and other handouts as well as audio and video presentations.
To help you get started, visit the “How to Contribute” page in the left hand column of the wiki for tips on adding your materials, inserting documents and links, and other helpful information.