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What Do I-O Psychologists Really Do? With Erica Hartman



Sometimes one of the most difficult things for industrial-organizational (I-O) psychologists to explain to non-I-O psychologists is what exactly it is that they do.

The field of I-O psychology is, in fact, a varied one, encompassing almost any aspect of the workplace and people within organizations. I-O psychologists’ job titles and employment environments can be even more varied—ranging from employment consultants in private firms to testing and assessment experts in government agencies to psychology and business professors in university or research settings. (For a PDF explaining potential job titles of I-O psychologists, read “What’s in a Name?”here. For informational brochures about I-O, click here.)

The following is part of the SIOP Psychology at Work series, a group of surveys of SIOP members meant to better explain the myriad career paths and research interests explored by SIOP members as well as the numerous contributions and innovations the field of I-O psychology has made to the workplace. For each profile, we will delve into the job of a SIOP member to gain a greater depth of insight into what they do, who they work with, how their work affects others, and why they believe I-O psychology matters.
Continue reading for information on what it’s like to be an I-O psychologist for SIOP Member Erica Hartman!
Name: Erica Hartman
Job Title/Company: Associate Director, APTMetrics
Job responsibilities: Project management, people management, client/account management, business development
My specific I-O interests (research and/or practice):  Job analysis, competency modeling, selection, and development
My career path/job history: 3 years as a consultant at Stanard & Associates, 2 years as a leadership development consultant at Advocate Healthcare, 5+ years at APTMetrics.
How I became interested in I-O psychology: While taking an Organizational Psychology course in undergrad.
A typical day at my job includes: This all depends on the projects I am working on, how crazy things are at the moment, and whether I am at a client site.
What I like best about my job: The variety of clients and projects.
Some of the challenges of my job: The variety of clients and projects, as well as the amount of travel.
Something others may find interesting about me: I have done the Escape from Alcatraz swim race 5 times in the last 7 years.
My other I-O and SIOP-related activities: Past Vice President of CIOP (Chicago Industrial Organizational Psychologists.
My advice to future I-O psychologists: Try to gain a wide range of experiences at the beginning of your career and take advantage of each opportunity that comes your way.
Why I-O psychology matters: By impacting people’s satisfaction with their jobs we are able to have an impact on their overall “life” satisfaction, which is a pretty powerful thing!

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