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Follow SIOP on Facebook, Twitter, Wikis, and More!



Did you know you can follow SIOP on your favorite social networking sites? You can also connect to SIOP members and professionals through other online platforms, such as SIOP wikis and the Exchange—and all of these options are available in one place on SIOP’s Social Media Page!
SIOP offers several ways to interact online and receive timely information about news and upcoming events. Many members are already utilizing various forms of social media, and you can easily access SIOP’s pages and groups through these outlets so you can stay connected to SIOP and network with professionals in your field. You can access SIOP’s social media page by clicking the “SIOP Social Media” button on the left-hand side of the website below the “Donate to the Foundation” and “Graduate Training Programs in I-O Psychology” buttons.
SIOP’s social media presence includes:
Facebook-One of the most popular social networking sites in the world, Facebook allows you to create a profile so you can share your thoughts, interests, photos, and more with friends in your online network. Facebook is less formal than sites such as LinkedIn and geared toward personal relationships and groups. Visit SIOP’s page on Facebook to interact with other SIOP members and I-O psychologists, view photos of recent SIOP events, and get news on upcoming conferences and initiatives. The discussion forum allows you to network and converse on any I-O-related topic. You can also show your support for SIOP and I-O by “liking” the group or posting on our wall. Visit today to see recent photos of SIOP’s 26th Annual Conference in Chicago and check back often for updates regarding the upcoming Leading Edge Consortium on the topic of the virtual workforce. Not on Facebook yet? Join today and start connecting with fellow I-Os!

Twitter- Twitter is an information network that allows you to share real-time messages called tweets in 140 characters or less. The official SIOP Twitter account is SIOPtweets. Follow us for breaking news and information, useful links, and deadlines. If you use Twitter, tweet about SIOP using the #SIOP hashtag.
SIOP Exchange Blog-The SIOP Exchange is SIOP's official I-O psychology blog. The Exchange is a platform for capturing the voice and commentary of professionals in I-O psychology. Posts can include event announcements, calls for submissions, editorials or opinion pieces, summaries of recent news events important to I-O psychologists, or anything else you might want to discuss with fellow I-Os. The content and discussions on the blog are much more casual than in journals or other publications, and SIOP welcomes opinion pieces as well as news. We invite you to participate in The Exchange by submitting your editorial or news here. Learn more about the blog here.
LinkedIn-LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site that allows you to connect with other professionals around the world. LinkedIn is less personal and more professional than Facebook, focusing on making business connections, presenting your professional skills (resume, recommendations, etc.), and expanding your professional network. You can join LinkedIn here and then become a member of "SIOP - The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology" and the "I-O Practitioners Network" LinkedIn groups!
SIOP Wikis-Similar to sites like Wikipedia, SIOP’s wikis are open to anyone to view and edit. SIOP’s wikis are meant to be a depository of information related to I-O psychology. The appeal of a wiki is that it allows members to share information and edit the site without having to involve a third party. For example, SIOP Annual Conference presenters who wish to share their materials with attendees can upload documents, PowerPoint presentations, and PDFs onto the wiki and direct those interested to go to the site. Information is arranged by topic, so it is easy to find what you need. SIOP currently has two wikis: Science & Practice Resources and the Teaching Aids Wiki, which can be found on the Society’s new wiki hub here.

YouTube- YouTube is a video-sharing service that allows you to upload and view videos online. SIOP has its own YouTube channel under the username "SIOPofficial." You can view SIOP's YouTube channel here!

For questions about SIOP's social media, please contact Communications Manager Stephany Schings Below at