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Registration Open for 2011 Leading Edge Consortium!



Employees don’t just go to the office anymore. While traditional work meant hours spent at a brick and mortar office, today’s workforce is no longer confined to the cubicle as organizations increasingly utilize virtual work and collaboration, social media, and technology for recruitment, selection, performance, and management.

The Virtual Workforce: Designing, Leading, and Optimizing,” SIOP’s 7th annual Leading Edge Consortium, will bring together thought leaders from academia and practice in a day-and-a-half event focusing on the exciting topic of the virtual workforce. Registration is now open for this event, which will take place October 14-15, 2011 at the Hilton Seelbach in Louisville, Kentucky.

Register for “The Virtual Workforce” today!
This year’s consortium will explore various issues as well as the newest practice and research on the topic of the virtual workforce, with General Chair Kurt Kraiger, Practice Chair Andrea Goldberg, Science Chair Lori Foster Thompson, and Research Chair Allen Kraut. Courtney Hunt and Wayne Cascio will also serve as keynote speakers.
The virtual workforce is comprised of anyone who connects to their job, co-worker, or organization through technology, as opposed to face-face communication or physical proximity, Kraiger explained.
“It includes telecommuting, virtual teams, and the use of social media by organizations to connect to customers, applicants, employees, and other stakeholders,” he added.
This is a timely and important topic for today's organizations, as a recent report by the Dieringer Research Institute revealed the percentage of Americans teleworking has increased 43% since 2005 (ITAC, 2009). Other reports estimate that between one-half and two-thirds of employees in many large organizations work on virtual teams at any given time, Kraiger noted.
“As recently as November 2010,” he added, "Congress approved legislation allowing federal employees to work virtually as a way for the government to ‘save money, increase productivity, and have an easier time recruiting and retaining good’ employees."
This year's topic of the virtual workforce should also appeal to a wide variety of organizations, Kraiger added.
“Many of the prior LECs have had much narrower topics, for example, the consortium on global selection and assessment was primarily of interest to I-O psychologists involved in those practices,” he explained. “We tried to select a topic in which practitioners in a broad array of work applications would find interest—recruitment and selection, talent management, learning and development, leadership, employee engagement, managing knowledge, maintaining virtual teams, and so forth.  In addition, a growing number of our members work virtually, so the topic should be of great personal interest as well.”

SIOP’s Leading Edge Consortium is unique in its approach by bringing together leading-edge thinkers— practitioners, researchers, and HR executives—to examine issues in an intimate setting that fosters stimulating dialogue among colleagues. Each presentation takes place in general session, a setting conducive to interaction with presenters and networking with leaders in the I-O field.

“We have several exciting speakers who will update us on how the nature of work is changing, the technology and social media available to coordinate work, and the skill sets of the modern worker,” Kraiger said. “We have modules on a variety of applications including selection and talent management, learning, and knowledge management. There are sessions on telecommuting and managing global/virtual projects. We focus both on applications and systems-level perspectives—managing the application within a social and organizational context. One session addresses work-family balance issues, and another the use of social networking capabilities to transform organizational leadership and innovation.”

The current list of speakers and moderators includes:

Janet Barnes-Farrell, University of Connecticut
Michael Bazigos, IBM Corporation
Wayne Cascio, University of Colorado at Denver
Kris Fenlason, 3M
Kevin Ford,
Michigan State University
Lori Foster Thompson, North Carolina State University
Andrea Goldberg, Digital Culture Consulting, LLC
Tim Golden, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Sandra Hartog, Sandra Hartog & Associates/Fenestra, Inc
Courtney Hunt, Renaissance Strategic Solutions
Sarah Johnson, CLC Genesee
Kurt Kraiger, Colorado State University
Allen Kraut, Baruch College, CUNY (emeritus)
Leona Lobell, University of Phoenix
Jacob McNulty, Orbital RPM
Nathan Mondragon, Taleo
Julia Smith, University of Phoenix
Nancy Tippins, Valtera
Brian Welle, Google

Attendees can expect a series of engaging presentations and discussions of virtual work and virtual collaboration, virtual teams, social media, and the use of technology for recruitment, selection, performance, and management, with numerous takeaways, leading research, and practical solutions for organization.

“In thinking about the program, we wanted to give a snapshot of what is the state-of-the-art, but we also want to explore what drives successful adaptation or failures,” Kraiger explained. “We also want our speakers to speculate on the next next thing. Accordingly, attendees will take back with them ideas to implement right away, a strategic perspective of how to implement new innovations, and some idea of what the new innovations may be.”

The consortium includes lunch on Friday and Saturday, breaks, and receptions on Thursday and Friday evening. Registration is $425 on or before August 29, 2011. After the early registration deadline the cost is $495.

The Seelbach Hilton Hotel is a 4-diamond luxury hotel considered to be the premiere hotel in the state of Kentucky. Built in 1905, it is considered a landmark to "the golden era" with its grand ambiance inspiring author F. Scott Fitzgerald to use The Seelbach as a backdrop for Tom and Daisy Buchanan's wedding in The Great Gatsby.  It is located in the heart of downtown Louisville's business and entertainment district, and only minutes from Churchill Downs, the home of The Kentucky Derby.

For more information, including updates to the speaker list, bios, and sessions, visit the Leading Edge Consortium page here. Also, check back to SIOP.org in the coming weeks for in-depth stories on specific LEC sessions and speakers!

For information on 2011 Leading Edge Consortium Partnership Opportunities, click here.