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Better Together


by SIOP Administrative Office

Talya Bauer capped her year as SIOP president by celebrating the work of several individuals who embody SIOP’s ideal of equally valuing and integrating the science and practice of I-O psychology. 

Dr. Bauer’s focus on this ideal was also evident in several other features of the 34th Annual SIOP Conference in National Harbor, Maryland, held April 4-6, 2019.

The year before, at the closing plenary of the 33rd Annual SIOP Conference, Dr. Bauer announced the creation created a task force on Science Practice Opportunities for Translation, the SPOT Task Force. (View her 2018 plenary address on SIOP’s YouTube Channel, here.)

“As president of SIOP, one thing that is possible is the formation of task forces designed to address a specific issue,” she said.  “I saw the need and the opportunity for more focus on strengthening and celebrating the intersection of science and practice given how foundational I perceive this to be for SIOP's value and continued success.” 
In February, 2019, a task force subcommittee chaired by Donald Truxillo and including Frederik Anseel, Kathryn Dekas, and Shonna Waters issued a call for nominations for the Scientist Practitioner Presidential Recognition.

Nominations were open to the full range of members, from associate to Fellow, and evaluation criteria included the nominee’s contributions to the alignment of science and practice, the creation and dissemination of knowledge, and positive impact on work practices in organizations. (Read the full call for nominations here)

“We weren't sure how many would be recognized, and it was challenging to compare someone who had been done with their degree for 7 years doing this work with someone who had a record of doing this work for 37+ years.“  

Talya Bauer with several of the 39 individual recipients of the Scientist-Practitioner Presidential Recognition“That opened everything up to us,” Bauer said. “It allowed us to recognize those who are pioneers within SIOP as well as the rising stars.  I was thrilled with the 39 individuals who represent SIOP so well. It was amazing to see nominations for those whose work I know well with those who I had not yet had the pleasure of knowing about. It was very affirming for me that our profession is in good hands for many generations to come."   

Framed recognitions for the SPPR recipients lined up at SIOP Foundation Reception

The call was met with an enthusiastic response and the subcommittee decided to make awards in three categories based on postdegree tenure. 
The SPOT Task Force recognition subcommittee ultimately bestowed 39 recognition awards, and the recipients are listed below as well as in this year’s SIOP Salutes booklet.

Milt Hakel and the new Distinguished Award design

The SIOP Distinguished Awards, bestowed at the opening plenary, have a new look this year. SIOP Foundation President Milt Hakel led the design effort, which resulted in an attractive glass column with intertwined threads of red and blue. The award is a strong visual symbol of SIOP’s commitment to the integration of theory and practice, as Dr. Hakel explained during his plenary remarks.

During the plenary, Hakel recognized Amazon, one of two 2018 HRM Impact 

Milt Hakel representing SIOP and Alex Alonso representing SHRM with Jay Steffensmeier, Jen Harvel, and Tracey Tafero, representing 2018 HRMIA winner Amazon

Award winners. PepsiCo, the other 2018 winner, accepted their award at the 2018 Leading Edge Consortium. The HRM Impact Award is given annually, in partnership with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). The current submission window is set to close on April 30. Read more here 

Talya Bauer presents Alex Alonso the organizational Scientist-Practitioner Presidential Recognition for SHRM As part of her opening plenary remarks, Dr. Bauer recognized SHRM and Science for Work as “organizations who engage in important, Impactful science-practice translation work.”

Earlier in the program, Nancy Tippins and Paul Sackett made a special presentation to Marianne Ernesto, Director of Testing and Assessment at APA, in gratitude for her invaluable assistance and dedicated support in shepherding the SIOP Principles revision through APA’s rigorous approval process. 

Nancy Tippins, Marianne Ernesto, and Paul SackettAs Talya Bauer said, "SIOP is an amazing collection of individuals who work in a variety of work settings including corporations, consulting firms, not-for-profit agencies, governmental agencies, and university settings. While we all have different ‘day jobs,’ we come together throughout the year to volunteer and collaborate both within and outside of SIOP.”

A video recording of Dr. Bauer’s opening plenary address at the 34th Annual Conference will be posted to the SIOP YouTube channel as soon as it is available.

Scientist-Practitioner Presidential Recognition Recipients

Nathan Ainspan, Department of Defense
Alexander Alonso, Society for Human Resource Management
Walter Borman, University of South Florida
Zinta Byrne, Colorado State University
Michael Campion, Purdue University
Wayne Cascio, University of Colorado Denver
Victor Catano, Saint Mary’s University
David Chan, Singapore Man¬agement University
Allan Church, PepsiCo
Kathryn Dekas, Google
Jennifer Dimoff, Portland State University
Kevin Ford, Michigan State University
Jessica Gallus, University of Washington
Michele Gelfand, University of Maryland
Maynard Goff, Korn Ferry
Mark Griffin, Curtin University
Leslie Hammer, Portland State University
Leaetta Hough, The Dunnette Group
Sayeedul Islam, Farmingdale State College-SUNY
Rick Jacobs, Penn State University
Jeff Johnson, SHL
Robert Kaiser, Kaiser Associates
Kevin Kelloway, Saint Mary’s University
Rodney McCloy, HumRRO
Deniz Ones, University of Minnesota
Tiffany Poeppelman, LinkedIn
Elaine Pulakos, PDRI
Dan Putka, HumRRO
Brodie Gregory Riordan, McKinsey & Company
Quinetta Roberson, Villanova University
Kristin Saboe, Boeing
Paul Sackett, University of Minnesota
Eduardo Salas, Rice University
Shreya Sarkar-Barney, Human Capital Growth
Katina Sawyer, George Wash¬ington University
James Sun, The University of Auckland
Eric Surface, ALPS Insights
Scott Tannenbaum, gOE
Sheldon Zedeck, UC Berkeley

Congratulations to them all!