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We Are SIOP!


by SIOP Administrative Office

Let’s Show the World Who We Are

Nearly a year ago, SIOP President Talya Bauer announced “I am SIOP” as the theme for her presidential year. The idea behind it, and behind much of the work SIOP does, is to share information about the profession of I-O psychology.

Every day, in so many diverse situations, I-O psychologists work to understand and improve human well-being—at work and in the wider world. I-O psychs help NASA crew space missions, hospitals provide great patient care, and organizations navigate the significant changes taking place in the world.

That’s great, and you should be proud!

Now, just in time for the 2019 Conference, we invite you to help SIOP put a face to the profession.  Join the “I am SIOP” project on Seenit and show the world why you’re #SIOPproud!

But you can’t be serious all the time, and we wouldn’t want you to. Show us what’s fun and silly in your life as well.

Seenit is an easy to use video and photo sharing platform for both Android and iPhone that will allow the editors at SIOP to compile your clips and photos to share back with you and tell the story of SIOP.

Once you begin, you’ll wonder why nobody thought of this before.

How to get started with Seenit:

  1. Download or open the app, called Seenit Capture, on your iPhone or Android device.
  2. Sign up or log in and allow all popups e.g. microphone and push notifications
  3. Enter the Project ID: siop19
  4. Head to the 'Shot List' section to start filming your shots. 

It’s just that easy! But if you have any difficulties, you can follow more detailed instructions HERE.

Collectively, SIOP members do so much good for people, so let’s tell the world about it!  Download Seenit and start filming today.