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Now Is the Time


by SIOP Administrative Office

Help SIOP Foundation Create Smarter Workplaces

Looking for a year-end tax deduction? Help the SIOP Foundation create smarter workplaces through support of research and educational funding with a donation through the Foundation’s secure online donation portal.

You can make a significant impact on the future of work by supporting I-O psychology research and innovations now. As SIOP Foundation President Milt Hakel observed in his annual letter to supporters, “Rapid advancement in I-O psychology and the organizational sciences now is surely needed. The mania about big data and AI systems is at flood tide, with no shortage of need for critical and clear thinking about creating smarter workplaces.”

The Foundation itself has a strong record of attaining meaningful goals through clearsighted management and focus. SIOP Foundation has given more than 245 scholarships, fellowships, achievement awards and research grants, all funded by donations from people who care about the field of I-O psychology and believe in its importance of the work I-O psychologists do. See a list of awards and funders in the most recent annual report.

SIOP Foundation has received Guide Star Gold certification, demonstrating full transparency in managing its affairs, and has distributed more than one million dollars in funding, attaining that goal two years ahead of schedule.

The world of work is changing rapidly and irrevocably. You can help SIOP and SIOP Foundation create evidence-based practices for better, smarter workplaces. Read more about the individual Foundation funds and awards. Find the gift that’s right for you and donate today.