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SIOP Foundation Releases 2017-2018 Annual Report


by SIOP Administrative Office

The SIOP Foundation has released its 2017-2018 Annual Report. Read about what the Foundation has accomplished this year and learn how you can join the growing list of contributors here!

In the report, President Milton Hakel emphasizes, "I-O psychologists have supported and encouraged each other’s work ever since our field arose over a century ago. Foundation donors now support I-O with endowments and term gifts that fund grants, scholarships, and awards. You will see in the pages of this report how over 2 decades of contributions translate into advancing our applied organizational science."

Hakel goes on to emphasize how rapid advancement in I-O psychology and the organizational sciences now is surely needed. The Foundation welcomes new ideas and donations to help this cause. He also hopes that contributors will join him in the Visionary Circle when that new program is launched. (Click HERE for information.)

Mirian Graddick-Weir, executive vice president of HR at Merck and the newest addition to the Board of Trustees, is also profiled. “Based on my years of industry experience, I bring a perspective to the Foundation focused on aligning the science of I-O psychology with current and emerging trends that can contribute to improving outcomes in the workplace,” she said. Graddick-Weir is excited about adding her perspective to the SIOP Foundation Board.

The report goes on to highlight some recent accomplishments of SIOP and SIOP Foundation award winners. A statement of the Foundation’s finances and a list of the awards funded by the Foundation are also included.

The many contributors who are actively helping to shape the future of I-O psychology through their support of the SIOP Foundation are recognized. Read the full list here.

Make a contribution today and build your connection with the SIOP Foundation! Donate easily and securely on the SIOP website to support the award fund of your choice. Visit the SIOP Foundation page to learn more.

Contact Linda Lentz at the SIOP Administrative Office with questions at siopfoundation@siop.org.