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Proposed Amendment Expedites Board Actions


by SIOP Administrative Office

Bylaws Vote in December

The SIOP Executive Board recently voted to support a change in administrative procedures that are formalized in the SIOP Bylaws. Because any change to the Bylaws requires a full vote of the SIOP membership, the intended modification is described below.

Voting on the proposed bylaws change will begin on December 3, 2018, and conclude on January 1, 2019.

The current bylaws provide for thirty (30) days for the Emergency Action Committee (a subset of the Executive Board) or the full Board to vote on proposals electronically. Yet, the pace of technology and decision making has advanced, and the Executive Board believes that SIOP should adapt.

To allow for more expeditious processes, the Executive Board has approved a reduction in the time frames for these votes. The change requires a vote by the Emergency Action Subcommittee within seven (7) days or a vote by the Executive Board within fourteen (14) days

Find more information about the proposed amendment here.