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Call for Officer Nominations


by SIOP Administrative Office

Be an Active Player for Team SIOP: Make Your Officer Nominations Today

“The executive board is a team whose responsibility is to move SIOP and the profession forward,” says Doug Reynolds, SIOP’s president for the 2012-2013 fiscal year, “So it really matters that we get great people on the team who care about the profession and care about SIOP.”

Participation in SIOP’s nomination process helps determine not only the future of the Society but also of the field of I-O psychology as a whole.

Unlike many other professional associations, where staff handle policy functions, SIOP Executive Board members actively shape policy that guides the work of the organization and the member experience.

Jeff McHenry (SIOP president 2006-2007) points out that in addition to shaping policy, SIOP leaders also play a vital role in administering the work of the Society. “Executive board members really function in our current structure as managers. Most executive board members are managing a function, and so it’s very important that they manage effectively by attracting great people to serve on committees and helping those people get things done.”

The process of selecting new members of the Executive Board for the 2019-2020 fiscal year has begun.  Nominations are now open for elected positions on SIOP’s Executive Board, and the nomination period ends at midnight EDT on September 30. Voting members of SIOP are urged to make nominations for these open offices.

  • President-Elect: It is the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of the Society, to act as chair of the Executive Board, to exercise general supervision over the affairs of the Society, and to be an ex-officio member of all committees.…read more
  • External Relations: The External Relations Officer has executive oversight of establishing, developing, and maintaining relationships between SIOP and other organizations, including APA Divisions, SHRM, and international I-O organizations (e.g. EAWOP, British Psychological Association, and SIOPSA).…read more
  • Instructional and Educational: The Instructional and Educational Officer has executive oversight of programs and activities to support those who teach industrial-organizational psychology and promotes education of current and future industrial-organizational psychologists.…read more
  • Professional Practice: The Professional Practice Officer has executive oversight for organizational activities that support the practice of I-O psychology in organizational and work settings, such as Consultant Locator, contributing to guidelines for professional practice, and providing input to the planning and execution of conferences and publications.…read more

For the office of president-elect, the top five member-nominated candidates will appear on the ballot. For the officers-with-portfolio positions, the top four member-nominated nominees will appear on the ballot. 

All terms of office are 3 years. All nominees must be members in good standing (current dues paid). For more details on the process, please refer to the Elections Committee Policy on Nominations.

To submit your nominations, you will need to log in with your SIOP username and password. If you can't remember your username and password, please go to the site and request that they be e-mailed to you or call the SIOP Administrative Office at (419) 353-0032. 

You can also go directly to http://my.siop.org/Membership/Nomination(bookmark this link!) after logging in or access the nomination site from the Membership dropdown menu on your my.SIOP User Account page, where you will land after you log in.