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It’s Smarter Workplace Awareness Month


by SIOP Administrative Office

Celebrate the Positive Impact of I-O Psychology With SIOP!

September is Smarter Workplace Awareness Month! Smarter Workplace Awareness Month is all about celebrating and promoting the science and practice of I-O psychology and how I-O psychology can help to make the workplace smarter.

All SIOP members are invited to participate in this celebration, an initiative of SIOP’s Visibility Committee.  It’s an opportunity to share useful resources and information with workplace colleagues as well as friends and family members who may not be aware of how I-O psychology can improve the workplace.

This year’s focus for Smarter Workplace Awareness Month is the Top-10 Workplace Trends for 2018.  SIOP’s Top 10 Workplace Trends annually identify critically important workplace issues that I-O psychologists address in their research and practice as they strive to improve human well-being and performance in organizational and work settings.

Each week this September, the Visibility Committee will feature different entries on the Top-10 list, highlighting relevant considerations for management and workers, along with resources that can help organizations meet challenges affecting them and their workers.

For the first week, the focus is on trends that have become more pervasive and influential over the last several years: the gig economy and contract work; and the automation of jobs and tasks.

This infographic provides a quick reference guide for how these trends affect organizations and individuals.

The Visibility Committee is chaired by Nikki Blacksmith. Amanda Woller is chair of the Media subcommittee, which is organizing the Smarter Workplace Awareness initiative. Learn more about the Visibility Committee here.

“We look forward to hearing about the work being done in the I-O community this month,” Amanda Woller says,“ Feel free to share the infographics along with your social media posts!”

SIOP members regularly contribute science backed insights to items in the popular media and create resources on these workplace topics that are useful to human resources and business managers as well as to other members of the I-O psychology profession.

The SHRM-SIOP White Paper, “Understanding Nonstandard Work Arrangements: Using Research to Inform Practice,” and the US News article, “Your Next Recruiter Could Be an Algorithm,” are two examples germane to this week’s focus.

Produced in 2017, “Understanding Nonstandard Work Arrangements: Using Research to Inform Practice” is a 25-minute read that discusses topics relevant for a variety of nonstandard work arrangements.  After defining the scope of the issue and discussing the reasons for adopting nonstandard work arrangements, the authors focus on three major challenges for organizations in managing workers in those categories and provide several recommendations for addressing those challenges.

Rebecca Koenig, a staff writer at US News, reached out to SIOP for expert insights on the topic of AI and machine learning in recruiting for her August 22, 2018 article based on the premise that these technologies are remaking the hiring process, “Your Next Recruiter Could Be an Algorithm.”

SIOP members Fred Oswald and Nathan Mondragon contributed I-O insights to Koenig’s article, in which she investigated whether the algorithms are more effective than previously existing methods, how algorithmic processes can be biased, and how job candidates can prepare to compete in this changing landscape.

The Administrative Office staff works on demand with reporters to provide contacts with I-O psychology experts and often draw on the interest area information listed in member profiles to make connections.  That’s just one of many good reasons members should annually check and update their membership profile information.

SIOP’s Visibility Committee began Smarter Workplace Awareness Month in 2014 to provide SIOP members resources for celebrating and explaining the work of I-O psychologists. Visit the Smarter Workplace Awareness Month web page for a rundown on this year’s focus, along with resources gathered to help you show your I-O pride and to share information about the profession.