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SIOP Program Explorer Is Back


by SIOP Administrative Office

Just In Time for Conference Submissions

Evan Sinar, SIOP Financial Officer, is excited to announce that the Program Explorer is back! With the enactment of GDPR in May and to align with other privacy regulations, we temporarily decommissioned it due to the names and e-mail addresses available via the original site. We’ve since rebuilt the site in a GDPR-safe manner, and have updated it to span SIOP sessions from 2008 through 2018. Note that per new privacy regulations, names, e-mail addresses, and affiliations are no longer included in session entries. However, the core searching and sorting functionality remains, by year, format, duration, title, and both primary and secondary content area.

HUGE appreciation to SIOP Member Andrea Valentine for her generous offer and awesome work to rebuild and relaunch this new site! In the past, members have found this information to be very useful for tracking down past SIOP conference presentations on topics of interest, contributing to the cumulative knowledge-building essential to our field, and we expect that this new site will be similarly valuable to the SIOP membership.

The site is available at the permalink https://tiny.cc/SIOPprogram (best viewed with Chrome).