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Data, Deviance, and Assessments, Oh My!


by SIOP Administrative Office

New White Papers Now Available

Now that the annual conference is over, you might think that the SIOP research machine has slowed down. We are happy to report that is not the case!

Three new white papers have recently debuted on the SIOP website. Created by the Visibility committee, these short publications provide valuable information on the latest cutting-edge I-O topics, for both those in the I-O field and for business.

“Recent Trends in Preemployment Assessment” by Jessica M. Walker and Don Moretti addresses the many changes in assessment practices over the last decade. Addressing the explosive changes in technology, Walker and Moretti discuss the pros and cons unproctored Internet testing, gamification, the use of mobile devices for assessment, and applicant tracking systems. They also tackle the person-based issue of applicant reactions.

Nicholas Howald and Shelby Wise present “Best Practices in Linking Data to Organizational Outcomes.” This paper addresses principles for successful people analytics, which require an understanding of human behavior as well as statistical knowledge.

“Preventing and Deterring Organizational Deviance” by Nicholas Howald, Brendan Lortie, Christopher Gallagher, and Melissa A. Albert provides guidance for organizations struggling with employee issues. The authors provide guidance for encouraging good behavior as well as tools for preventing employee deviance.

These and other white papers are available in PDF form on the SIOP web site. For more papers on evidence-based HR practices, see the SHRM-SIOP Science of HR white paper series.