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SIOP Select & Community of Interest


by SIOP Administrative Office

Sessions Help Deepen Expertise and Broaden Connections

Innovations, ideas, and connections are waiting for you in Chicago. The SIOP 2018 Conference organizers have planned multiple sessions spanning a wide variety of specializations and topics. The Alliance Sessions, Executive Board Special Sessions, Conference Featured Sessions, and Theme Track have been gathered together under the heading of SIOP Select. These sessions have been developed by conference organizers to discuss cutting-edge technologies, discover new ideas in the I-O field and beyond, and facilitate helpful connections with professionals and practitioners. The Community of Interest (COI) Sessions allow attendees even more opportunities to create connections and participate in the conversation about important topics.

SIOP President Fred Oswald’s vision of TeamSIOP will be brought to life during Theme Track: TeamSIOP Ventures Into New Playing Fields. Theme Track sessions in Sheraton 5 on April 19 will highlight boundary-breaking examples of I-O impact within and across multifaceted teams. Extraordinary and unconventional ways I-O research and practice fuel interdisciplinary science, innovation, and change will be the backbone of these sessions.

The Alliance Sessions will feature the impact of high performance work practices, the predictors and outcomes of active aging at work, and developing and adapting tools for new regions of business. The sessions, presented by leading scholars and practitioners, will identify context appropriate practices, measure continual growth in all aspects of work-related health, and recognize trends and challenges in assessment practices around the globe. These sessions are available throughout the conference.

Converse with SIOP Leadership at the Executive Board Block Sessions. In these sessions you will map out tactics to employ I-O in the real world, hear about current and past and initiatives by SIOP members, and brainstorm solutions to potential barriers to women’s progress in the I-O field. Other sessions will touch on translating I-O expertise into simple business terms and discussing ways to empower reliable science and practice in I-O.

At the Conference Featured Sessions, recent winners of the Distinguished Awards and the M. Scott Myers Award for Applied Research in the Workplace will discuss how to learn from each other, showcase tips and strategies for building a fast-rising career, and explain how to create a meaningful career.

Participate in unstructured conversations on hot topics in I-O at the COI Sessions. The 14 COI sessions are specifically designed to create new communities around common themes or interests. Each session is a casual discussion moderated by hosts with insights on the topic. These are great sessions to attend if you would like to meet potential collaborators, generate ideas, have stimulating conversations, and develop an informal network with other like-minded SIOP conference attendees.

Start planning your session schedule today! A full event schedule of SIOP 2018 sessions can be found here. Want to have the session schedule in the palm of your hand? With the Whova app, browse sessions times, read session overviews and speaker information, and check-in and rate attended sessions.