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Keeping Up With APA


by Georgia T. Chao, Gary Latham, Jeff McHenry and Stephen Stark

SIOP Releases Newest APA Council Representative Report

SIOP continues to have four elected representatives on the APA Council of Representatives (COR), which meets twice per year. The most recent meeting was in Washington D.C. on March 8-10, 2018. The meeting spanned three days beginning with a plenary session Thursday evening that introduced the APA Presidential candidates for next year. The following sections highlight some key issues for SIOP members.

APA presidential candidates. At the plenary session, candidates for the presidency of APA addressed the COR. Sandy Shullman, a member of Division 14, spoke cogently and passionately as to why she should be elected.

CEO address. APA CEO, Arthur Evans, addressed the COR about: 1) Strategic priorities (increase visibility of APA and psychology, increase public understanding of psychology as a science, prepare psychology as a discipline for the future, prepare APA organizationally for the future, and expand APA’s advocacy capacity and effectiveness); and 2) New executive-level positions to be filled: (a) Communications, (b) Professional Practice, (c) Ethics, (d) Science, (e) Public Interest, and (f) Chief Diversity officers.

Master’s level training and practice. APA held webinars prior to the COR meeting about a pending motion concerning the accreditation of master’s programs in psychology. APA leadership recommends accreditation to address concerns that: graduates from psychology master’s programs will have limited career paths, status quo will have negative effects on master’s and doctoral level graduate programs in the future, and client needs will be adversely affected. A motion for APA to pursue accreditation of master’s programs was proposed. SIOP representative Georgia Chao proposed a friendly amendment to limit pursuit of accreditation to programs “where APA already accredits.” In short, master’s programs in I-O psychology will not be affected. The amendment was accepted and the amended motion passed with a 93% majority. Later in the meeting, the COR also discussed potential titles for master’s level practitioners.

APA Practice Organization (APAPO). The APAPO announced an updated newsletter and new Business of Practice Resource for its members.  The APAPO also held discussions during lunch about a potential APA restructure that would eliminate APAPO membership dues, as described below. 

Motion on proposed APA restructure: Council passed a motion to support the concept of restructuring APA into a 501(c)3 organization (APA) and a 501(c)6 organization (tentative name: APA Institute for Psychology or APAIP). This motion was designed to expand lobbying and advocacy efforts beyond what a “C3” organization is allowed. The “C6” will be funded initially by equally dividing APA membership dues between the C3 and C6 organizations, transferring advocacy funds from the C3 and APAPO to the C6 and eliminating future APAPO membership dues. New and future members will belong to both the C3 and C6 organizations. A working group will be established to propose a strategic plan for this new governance structure. It is anticipated that the plan will be presented to Council for approval at the August APA Council meeting and then to all members for comment later in the year.

Motion on voting transparency. A motion to publish the individual votes cast at APA Council, Board, and Committee members was proposed. After extensive discussion, Council approved postponing a vote on this item to allow the President and CEO to develop appropriate language and bring forth a revised motion for consideration at the August 2018 meeting.

Other APA-Related News about SIOP Members

New business items. A new business item seeking APA approval of the revised Principles for the Validation and Use of Personnel Selection has been submitted for action at the August COR meeting.  The revised principles were completed under the leadership of Nancy Tippins and Paul Sackett.

SIOP members elected to APA groups. Recently, SIOP members were selected or won election to APA groups.  Debbie Major won election to APA's Board of Scientific Affairs, Deirdre Knapp won election to APA's Policy and Planning Board, and Rodney Lowman was selected to be part of an Ethics Task Force to evaluate and possibly revise APA's Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct.