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Sick, Unsafe, and Unproductive: Poor Employee Sleep Is Bad for Business


by SIOP Administrative Office

A good night’s sleep is not only important for individual health, it’s important for safety and productivity at work. However, many American workers are not getting the rest they need to be productive and safe in the workplace.

The authors of the new SIOP Visibility Committee White Paper,  Sick, Unsafe, and Unproductive: Poor Employee Sleep Is Bad for Business, cite several compelling statistics, among them the estimate that insomnia costs the US workforce over $63 billion a year in lost work days. The publication is now available on the white paper page of the SIOP website.

Authors Tori L. Crain, Colorado State University, and Larissa K. Barber, Northern Illinois University, also examine the factors that contribute to poor sleep and conclude with actionable, evidence-based suggestions that both employees and employers can implement to address problems with tired workers.

The SIOP White Paper series organizes and summarizes important and timely topics in I-O psychology for business and HR professionals, members of the press, and interested individuals. They offer research-based, practical summaries of important business subjects.

SIOP White Papers are produced by three SIOP committees: International Affairs, Scientific Affairs, and Visibility. For more information about the SIOP white papers, read the "About the Authoring SIOP Committees" section at the bottom of the index page. All white papers listed are downloadable PDFs.

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To read this and all the SIOP white papers, visit the white paper page here!