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Vote for Team SIOP!


by SIOP Administrative Office

Vote for Team SIOP!
Elections for Executive Board Positions Open Through November 30!

It is now time to cast your vote for SIOP President-Elect and three members of the Executive Board!

SIOP Members, Fellows, Retired Members, and Retired Fellows may vote. Associates and Student Affiliates are not eligible to vote. Voting members recently received an email notifying them that the election is now open.

Positions and candidates are: 

  • President-Elect: It is the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of the Society, to act as chair of the Executive Board, to exercise general supervision over the affairs of the Society, and to be an ex-officio member of all committees. …read more
    • Georgia Chao
    • Eden King
    • Deirdre Knapp
    • Ronald Landis
    • Julie Olson-Buchanan  
  • Financial Officer/Secretary: It is the duty of the Financial Officer/Secretary to have executive oversight of all Society funds, dues collections, disbursements, maintenance of financial records, preparation of financial statements, and financial planning in conjunction with the Executive Board.  …read more
    • Bradford Bell
    • Evan Sinar
  • Membership Services Officer: The Membership Services Officer has executive oversight for the membership solicitation, approval, and renewal process, including development and maintenance of programs, services and activities to enhance the value of SIOP membership to all membership categories. …read more
    • Alexander Alonso
    • Margaret Brooks
    • Allan Church​
  • Publications Officer: The Publications Officer has executive oversight of SIOP publishing activities. This includes chairing the Publications Board, contracting, and staffing editor positions. Responsibilities include Professional Practice Series, Organizational Frontiers Series, IOP Journal, and Publications Board, along with potential future book series or journals. …read more
    • Alexis Fink
    • Mo Wang

Full bios and goals statements are available at www.siop.org/presidents/candidates.aspx. Additional details on the voting process can be found on the voting site once you log in.

This election will be conducted using election procedures intended to make the process more transparent, inclusive, and encouraging of member participation, and fair and impartial to individual candidates. The procedures can be found here.  Voters will be asked to rank the candidates on your ballot. Votes for SIOP president-elect and officer positions will be recorded using the Ware single transferable vote method (voting is done by ranking candidates, and an automatic runoff is calculated, per the procedures used for APA’s presidential election). Candidates are placed in rank order and each person elected must receive a majority of the votes cast.  Ranking of all candidates is encouraged, but not required. 

When votes are tallied, if your first choice receives the lowest number of votes, your vote is transferred to your second choice and so on until one candidate reaches the required quota. This system is also known as a “single transferable vote” or instant runoff method.  Additional details on the voting process can be found on the voting site.

To begin voting, go to my.siop.org/membership/elect. You will need your username and password. If you have forgotten them, click the "Can't access your account?" option. Voting ends November 30, at 12:00 midnight ET. Please contact the Administrative Office at (419) 353-0032 or email lnader@siop.org if you have questions.

Elections are an important part of ensuring strong leadership for the future of SIOP. SIOP’s elections determine not only the future of the Society but also the future of the field of I-O psychology. Your participation in the election process is important. Thanks for taking the time to cast your ballot.