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APA Approves SIOP Guidelines for Education and Training in I-O


by SIOP Administrative Office

The APA Council of Representatives met August 2 and 4 in Washington DC. You can read a full report here. Among the numerous takeaways from that meeting, the APA approved in its consent agenda SIOP’s Guidelines for Education and Training in Industrial-Organizational Psychology.

The SIOP Executive Board originally approved the guidelines at its April 2016 meeting. Prepared by the Education and Training Committee with input from SIOP’s membership, they replaced the previous guidelines found on SIOP’s Graduate Training Programs page.

The guidelines replaced earlier versions published in 1985 and 1999 by SIOP and have been written to aid faculty and curriculum planners in the design of master’s- and doctoral-level graduate programs in I-O psychology. They may also be useful to potential master’s and doctoral students by providing a preview of training, suggesting criteria that may be used to select a graduate program, and giving students an overview of the competencies they are responsible for mastering during the course of their graduate education.

Then Education and Training Committee Chair Whitney Botsford Morgan led the revisions of the guidelines. Other members of the committee included current Chair Joseph Allen, Stephanie Payne, Kristina Bauer, Mitzi Desselles, Rhonda DeZeeuw, Camille Drake-Brassfield, Julia Fullick-Jagiela, Jane Halpert, Michael Horvath, Tim Huelsman, Joy Oliver, Ludmila Praslova, Sylvia Roch, Amber Schroeder, Marissa Shuffler, Stephen Stark, Steven Toaddy, Anton Villado, and Christopher Wiese.