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A Pathway to Success


by SIOP Administrative Office

SIOP Member Tiffany Poeppelman Speaks About Her Membership Journey

A SIOP Bylaws amendment approved by the SIOP Executive Board in May 2014 and by vote of the SIOP membership in March 2015 established the opportunity for qualified SIOP Associates to apply for an upgrade to Member status.

This amendment created the Path to Membership Status for Associates, and gives long-term, engaged Associates access to Member status and its benefits, including the ability to vote in SIOP elections and to hold positions on the Executive Board and as Committee Chair.

Since its inception, approximately 25 SIOP Associates have successfully completed the Path to Membership. One such success story is Tiffany Poeppelman, Senior Sales Performance Consultant at LinkedIn. SIOP asked Tiffany to share her experience upgrading from an Associate to Member. Continue reading her story in the interview below or visit the SIOP website to begin your own Associate to Member story today!

Why was it important to you to become a full SIOP Member?

As a brand ambassador, I aim to continuously develop SIOP members to help elevate our field together through research, to practice opportunities and social media advocacy. Since 2008, I’ve been actively involved with the SIOP community in a number of capacities. During that time, I’ve been eager to serve in a bigger role, but some of those opportunities have required full membership. Once the change in bylaws was passed, the countdown to transition started!

With the new membership status, I’m delighted to be able to serve as a voting member, support elected members, run for positions to serve on the SIOP executive team, and take on larger roles! 

My personal efforts will continue to be focused on growing and promoting practitioner work that is centered in evidence-based practice and connecting researchers with those in practice so they can learn from each other.

SIOP is an incredible society, and I love remaining close to the field. In my professional service, I spend time as a task force lead and have been a columnist for the TIP publication for four years running. The column, "The Modern App," focuses on elevating the impact technology and social media have had and continue to have in the workplace.

What benefits are you looking forward to now that you are a full Member?

The ability to vote, apply for new roles to serve SIOP to help others experience the benefits of being involved in the community, and help shape the future of our field.

Given part of the transition requires being an active standing member in the community, how has being involved in SIOP had an impact on your career?

Having external channels for sharing best practices, research, and learning from others drives me to stay involved in I-O psychology and on other outside boards. During the years I’ve served, I’ve learned invaluable skills that continue to help me in my day-to-day roles.

For those newly out of grad school, it’s great to get exposed to other members in the field and around the country. I highly recommend serving and getting involved in any way you can!

Was the process to apply for the Path to Membership difficult?

Not at all! The process was very straightforward and simple. All that is requested is a letter of recommendation from a SIOP member or Fellow, plus a short statement as to why you’d like to become a member. If you meet the other qualifications (degree, involvement in the community, and years as an Associate) – you should go for it! The hard part is waiting to hit the five-year mark as an Associate member. 

What do you recommend to others who want to try to gain full Member status?

While you’re serving your five years as an Associate member, make the most of it! There are so many ways to get involved:

  • Serve on a committee
  • Join a task force
  • Become a reviewer for conference submissions
  • Write for IOP, TIP, or other SIOP channels
  • Help other new members/students as an ambassador at the annual event
  • Share your research and the work of others on social media

This time will be well spent and allow you to grow relationships, learn about the community, identify roles you may want to take on and of course, help you grow as a professional outside of work.

How to Utilize the Associate Pathway to Membership

SIOP Associates who meet the following eligibility requirements may apply to become a Member:

  • Paid status as an Associate for a period of at least the past 5 consecutive years.
  • Be engaged in professional activities as described in Article II, 2a2 of the Society Bylaws.
  • Submit a letter of nomination from a Society Member or Society Fellow who can attest to your professional activities as described in Article II, 2a2 of the Society Bylaws.
  • Have obtained a Master’s Degree that meets criteria as established in policy by the Executive Board.
  • Have attended three official meetings (includes the SIOP Annual Conference and SIOP Leading Edge Consortium) of the Society in the last five years.

If you are an Associate who meets these criteria, we encourage you to apply for the upgrade to Member status. Please contact Jayne Tegge, Member Services Specialist, at jtegge@siop.org, with any questions.