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Focus on the Foundation


by SIOP Administrative Office

Fellow John Scott Joins SIOP Foundation Board of Directors

The SIOP Foundation Board has recently selected a new member to fill the seat left empty when Paul Thayer passed away in January, 2017.

John Scott, COO of APTMetrics, Inc. and a SIOP Fellow, was selected from a field of 17 highly-qualified candidates. Scott said he is quite honored to be elected, and “couldn’t think of a more vital and worthwhile endeavor” than working with the Foundation to advance I-O psychology’s ability to “address critical workplace challenges and promote decent work across both formal and informal economies around the world.”

SIOP Foundation President Milt Hakel was pleased to enlist Scott as he is rotating off the position of Editor of Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice. Hakel said the board chose Scott for several reasons, including his credentials as a practitioner and a business person, and his long-time support of SIOP.

Scott first became involved with SIOP when he attended the inaugural convention in Chicago in 1986, and says he’s only missed one conference since then. He has held several volunteer positions within the organization, often with overlapping terms.

Aside from his job editing the IOP Journal, which ends in April, 2018, Scott’s most recent volunteer position was as SIOP Representative to the United Nations Economic and Social Council from 2011-2017. He’s also served as representative to the APA Council, on the editorial boards for several SIOP publications, and as a member or chair of seven SIOP committees.
Scott believes that volunteering is essential for advancing the field of I-O psychology.

“SIOP’s viability depends upon its numerous and highly capable volunteers,” he said, noting that volunteering helps create career-spanning personal networks. “I have found that volunteering for SIOP has provided an extraordinarily rich experience that has allowed me to develop both professionally and personally.”

No doubt his extensive volunteer experience has helped polish Scott’s diplomatic skills, which helped cinch his selection for the Board.

“He is able to disagree with people without being disagreeable,” Hakel said.

The SIOP Foundation was founded in 1996, and Scott joins the other 8 members of the Board as they are beginning a round of strategic planning for the Foundation and how it can support SIOP and the wider profession. Read more about the Foundation here.