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Call for Papers


by SIOP Administrative Office

Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology Seeks Papers on Relationship-based Leadership

The Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology is now accepting submissions for a special issue, “Relationship-based Leadership: Current Trends and Future Prospects.” The deadline for submissions is April 1, 2018. Please submit online here!

Relationship-based approaches represent one of the dominant perspectives to understanding organizational leadership. There are many different perspectives under this broad umbrella including focusing on the exchange relationship between leader and followers, how the leader–follower relationship develops and changes over time, the relationship between a leader and a team, the effects of differentiated relationship quality within a team, and how the leader–follower relationship impacts wider organizational processes.

What is central in these different perspectives is the concept of the ‘relationship’ that occurs between different individuals. Despite the interesting paths that relationship-based theories have opened up, there are many issues that require attention (such as understanding how leader–follower relationships develop and are maintained over time).

Given the above, it is important to revisit the concept of “relationship” between leaders and followers, take stock of progress made, identify research gaps, as well as borrowing ideas from other scientific fields to further stimulate discussion on relationship-based leadership perspectives and open new and exciting avenues of research.

For enquiries related to this special issue, please contact the Guest Editors: Robin Martin (University of Manchester, robin.martin@manchester.ac.uk), Olga Epitropaki (University of Durham, olga.epitropaki2@durham.ac.uk), Berrin Erdogan (Portland State University, berrine@pdx.edu), and Geoff Thomas (University of Surrey, geoff.thomas@surrey.ac.uk).