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Looking at SIOP Membership Trends


by Barbara Ruland

Visitors to the SIOP membership table at this year’s annual conference in Orlando may have seen the latest membership maps prepared by Evan Sinar, a data visualization expert who is chief scientist and vice president at DDI and leads their Center for Analytics and Behavioral Research.

Full size renditions of the maps are available here.

The 2017 maps add numbers to the geographic representations, a modifica­tion from the maps Sinar prepared last year. Those maps, representing mem­ber counts in fiscal 2015 and 2016, are available in this article.

Visually, geographic membership distri­bution appears stable over the 3-year period. What isn’t immediately apparent is that total membership has grown steadily, from 8,525 for 2015 to 9,346 for 2016 and 9,939 for 2017.

Allan Kraut, professor emeritus of Management at Baruch College, CUNY and retired SIOP Fellow, examined membership trends as part of his essay, “An Old-Timer’s Impressions of SIOP Conference 2017” in the Summer TIP article on the annual conference.

Kraut estimates a 38% increase in total membership over the past decade. However, the growth in international membership is much more dramatic.

“As a portion of SIOP members, non-US members rose from 12.1% in 2007 to 21.6% in 2017 and are still on the increase.” Kraut said. “Almost one in four (24.4%) of new members joining in 2016 live outside of the US,” he continued.

SIOP office records show that, as of the end of FY 17, 1170 members live outside of the US main­land.

Preparing for the annual conference, Membership Services Specialist Jayne Tegge asked Sinar to add a graphic showing where members got their degrees. The chart is part of the results pages located here and shows another noteworthy trend: the growth in attendance at for-profit institutions.

More information about the SIOP organization and membership can be found on the Surveys and About Us pages of SIOP’s website.