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Networking-Are YOU Doing It Right?


by SIOP Administrative Office

SIOP’s Podcast Series Debuts with Networking for I-O’s

Just in time for the 32nd Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, the SIOP Electronic Communications Committee has published the debut episode of its new quarterly podcast series.

The inaugural episode of the I-O Podcast features Eleni Lobene and Jan Sieving discussing “Networking in I-O—Am I Doing It Right?” with series host and ECC member Kelly Stewart.

Stewart and series co-producer Drake Doumit have been working with ECC Chair Steven Toaddy and members of the Administrative Office staff to develop the series concept and workflow since November, 2016.

Their work supports the goal set out in 2015 by Alexander Alonso and Deborah Rupp, who were respectively serving SIOP as the Communications and Publications Officers at the time, of creating innovative social media programming.

Lobene, an associate consultant at Aon Hewitt in Washington, D.C. begins the podcast discussing networking goals and shares some of her networking experiences.

She offers many practical tips for networking success, including how to handle different networking situations, the importance of staying in touch, and using social media in networking.

Jan Sieving, Director of Communications and Corporate Affairs at Southwestern Energy, begins by sharing a personal experience illustrating the career value of personal networking. She also highlights the other benefits of networking and the importance of cultivating your network.

ECC Chair Toaddy says he is elated with the work that Doumit and Steward have done and that “The podcast checks off a number of boxes in the ECC’s and SIOP’s agenda that have been lacking.”

The podcast channel helps round out SIOP’s information delivery options. “I think that having an audio resource that can be pulled down in advance and that aims to speak to the membership of SIOP at all levels is going to be a great boon,” said Toaddy.
The podcast can be accessed through iTunes, Google Play, or downloaded as an mp3 file for offline playback.

The next episode of the I-O Podcast is slated for late June, and the producers are seeking listener input on topics.  Kelly Stewart said, “We really value and appreciate open input from our audience.”

Stewart and her producing partner Doumit will be at the #SIOP17 Shaken & Stirred event, on Friday April 28, 4:30- 6 pm.  Additionally, you may email topic suggestions to podcast@siop.org.