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Mobile Devices and Selection


by SIOP Administrative Office

Mobile Devices and Selection

SIOP Visibility Committee Releases New White Paper

SIOP’s Visibility committee recently released a new white paper, which is available on the white paper page of the SIOP website.

As a society, we use mobile devices for everything that we do, from shopping lists, to monitoring our children’s whereabouts, to setting our thermostats remotely.

Mobile devices have become our constant, relied-upon tool for navigating our world. That includes navigating the job search.

The Pew Research Center found that people are regularly using their phones for employment activities. Over 43% of the people in the survey used their phone to look up information about a job.

Mobile Devices and Selection, written by Amie D. Lawrence and Ted B. Kinney of Select International, Inc., reviews some frequently asked questions about mobile device usage in the personnel selection process and provides an overview of some research on the topic.

Practical recommendations for organizations concerned about the implications and consequences of the introduction of mobile devices into recruitment are also included.

SIOP White Papers organize and summarize important and timely topics in I-O psychology for business and HR professionals, members of the press, and interested individuals.  Read the Mobile Devices and Selection paper, and all the papers in the SIOP White Papers series, on the SIOP website