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Big Data at Work: Lessons from the Field


by SIOP Administrative Office

SIOP Visibility Committee Releases New White Paper

SIOP’s Visibility committee recently released a new white paper, which is now available on the white paper page of the SIOP website.

Translating mountains of data into smart decisions involves asking the right questions, determining the appropriate data, knowing how to data-dig and combine data elements, and applying the right analytics to implement a successful business strategy. Harnessing all of that information to its fullest advantage is not simple, but is increasingly considered best practice to solve business challenges.

Big Data at Work: Lessons from the Field, written by Alexis Fink, PhD Intel Corporation, Rick Guzzo, PhD Mercer's Workforce Sciences Institute, and Sara Roberts, PhD Category One Consulting, is an interview-based white paper in which three experts in big data share their lessons learned with Jolene Skinner, PhD and discuss how and when big data really matters.

This white paper was based on a SIOP Top Minds and Bottom Lines event that took place in April of 2016 at the SIOP Annual Conference in Anaheim, CA. Top Minds and Bottom Lines is an events series put on by SIOP to engage members of the business community in the science of I-O psychology and to help promote the use of evidence-based management.

To read this and all of the SIOP white papers, visit the white paper page here!