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Live Webinar: Making the Most of SIOP as a Student


by SIOP Administrative Office

The SIOP Visibility Committee will hold a free, live webinar Friday, April 14, from 3-4pm EST to teach students how to get the most out of their SIOP membership, including making the most of the upcoming SIOP conference.

Hear from the SIOP Membership Services Specialist Jayne Tegge and this year’s SIOP conference chair, Daisy Chang!

The discussion will focus on how to take advantage of what SIOP offers to you as a student in I-O psychology. Viewers can simply watch or they can write in to the panelists with your own questions. Don’t miss this invaluable hour of information and strategies for making the most of your membership and SIOP conferences!

If you can’t attend live, you can also view the recording on SIOP’s YouTube channel,

SIOPofficial, after the event. To watch and/or participate in the live webinar on April 14th at 3pm EST, please go to the live stream here. The stream can also be accessed directly through the SIOPofficial YouTube channel.