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New Offerings for Practitioners


by SIOP Administrative Office

Online, in Print and at the Annual Conference

There is a yin-yang quality to SIOP’s mission. Leadership strives to promote scientifically sound practice in the workplace while supporting practically grounded scientific exploration of human interactions in organizational settings.

Emphasis on specific aspects of the equation may shift from time to time as opportunities and circumstances change, but the drive to synthesize research and application of the science is central to SIOP’s mission. As the career landscape for practitioners has become more diverse, interest in creating more resources specifically to support them on their varied professional journeys has also grown.

New offerings that have blossomed from this focus include the IOP journal Practice Forum, a practitioner newsletter and page on the SIOP website, and two new features at the 2017 Conference: the Professional Practice Reception and the Early Career Practitioner Consortium.

Early Career Practitioner Consortium
8:30-5:00 on Wednesday April 26

Early Career Practitioner Consortium (ECPC), to take place at the SIOP Annual Conference, is designed for I-O professionals working in nonacademic settings with up to 5 years of postdegree experience. The event combines three career development experiences into a powerful, immersive professional development offering. The agenda includes:

  1. A survey of current and emerging career directions, combining brief biographical sketches and career outlines from experienced SIOP practitioners with current research on workplace changes and their impact on I-O psychology.
  2. A facilitator-guided self-assessment of participant competencies.
  3. Mentoring advice from a broad group of I-O seasoned professionals in small group settings.

The three elements of the day capture what the organizers believe are the key issues facing any person looking at their career as an early career practitioner, according to Vincent Conte, co-chair of the ECPC.

“We would like all participants to take back to their lives a sense of where they are in their current career trajectory and what one or two of the next steps might be in that journey," Conte said. "Most of all, we want people to have fun and grow their professional networks.  That’s what SIOP is all about and this is one experience to further that aim.”

Registration is limited to 40 attendees, who must also be registered for the conference. Program materials, breakfast, lunch, and refreshments are included in the $95 registration fee, which is not included in conference registration.

The deadline for registration is March 8. Find more information here.

Professional Practice Reception
6 to 7 p.m. on Thursday, April 28

This reception is targeted to practitioners. This first-time event promises to be a great time coupled with the practical benefits of sharing insights, expanding your network, and making new friends. Additional information will be posted here as it becomes available.

Professional Practice Homepage and Newsletter

The newly created Professional Practice page of the SIOP website is a members-only resource, providing information on a variety of topics pertinent to practitioners, including the inaugural Professional Practice Update newsletter published by the Professional Practice Committee (PPC). The mission of the SIOP PPC is “to build and advocate for the SIOP brand as the premier authority on workplace psychology and to enhance the practice of I-O psychology by SIOP members and strategic partners.” The quarterly Practice Update will cover a range of relevant topics and provide links to more detailed information. It is an accessible resource that you can use to explore topics and connect to other SIOP or professional communications.

Interested SIOP members may opt in to receive this quarterly update by selecting the “Manage Privacy and Opt In/Out” item under the Account Actions heading and updating their mailing preferences.

IOP Practice Forum

The IOP Practice Forum debuted in the December 2016 edition of SIOP IOP journal and has an open call for submissions.  The purpose of the IOP Practice Forum is to advance the understanding of effective practice of I-O psychology through the publication of original manuscripts focusing on I-O practice issues. The Forum provides practitioners with an outlet for communicating and/or learning about current trends, lessons learned, best practices, effective practice principles, relevant issues, different points of view, and implementation challenges, associated with practice in I-O psychology. The Forum will consider articles that focus on I-O practice areas including, but not limited to, training and development, job analysis and competency modeling, recruitment and selection, performance management, career development, organization development, attitude/engagement surveys, change management, legal issues, testing and assessment, succession planning, health and well-being, and work-life balance. Learn more about the development of the forum here and review the submission guidelines here.

The Bridge: Connecting Science and Practice

The Bridge column is written by the Professional Practice Committee and appears in The Industrial-Organization Psychologist (TIP). The column’s authors strive to further connect science and practice by publishing articles on the subject of science and practice integration. Read the latest Bridge columns here