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Focus On: SIOP Bylaws Change Regarding International Membership


by SIOP Administrative Office

Focus On: SIOP Bylaws Change Regarding International Membership

As a result of the recent bylaws vote, detailed here, SIOP’s 342 members in the discontinued International Affiliate category will be automatically reclassified as Associate Members before the end of February, 2017.

There is no difference in dues or member benefits between the two categories; further, this restructuring will have no effect on conference registration status. No action is required on the part of the members at this time.  Those members affected by the restructuring who meet the criteria for full Member status will be eligible to change their membership type during the dues renewal period beginning March 1.

International SIOP members are no longer required to be members of a corresponding organization in their home country, and this change is part of an ongoing effort to make SIOP membership more accessible to the international professional community.

Please contact Membership Services Specialist Jayne Tegge (jtegge@SIOP.org) with questions or concerns.