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Maximize Your SIOP Membership


by SIOP Administrative Office

What’s So Interesting?

What interests you? An easy way to make sure you receive information and opportunities in line with your interests is to complete (or update, if needed) the Interest Area information in your member profile. 

Up-to-date Interest Area information will help the staff at the SIOP Administrative Office share relevant information with you. In addition, it will help colleagues looking for collaborators, members of the media looking for experts, and potential clients find you. The Interest Area information fields are formatted for ease of use and will only take a few minutes to update in four easy steps:  

  • Log into your my.siop account at SIOP.org
  • Select the “Edit Demographic Information” option from the Account Actions list
  • Scroll down to the Demographic Information section and select from the 34 pre-programmed areas
  • Save your changes

That’s it! The start of the year is the perfect time to update your information, so take a few minutes to do it today!

License, Certifications, and Affiliations, Please!

While analyzing membership demographics recently, we noticed only a fraction of our active members have reported licensure, certifications, and affiliation with other professional organizations. SIOP uses this information to better understand the professional development needs of our members and to help develop relevant programs and continuing education opportunities.

Log into your my.siop account, select the “Edit Demographic Information” option from the Account Actions list, and scroll to the bottom of the page to access the Affiliations, Licensure, and Certifications section.

Updating this information will only take seconds, and your time investment will pay off in more programs that are germane for your needs and interests.

For complete instructions on updating your profile, please view this PowerPoint document “Pump Up Your Profile.”