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How Much Do I-O Psychologists Make?


by Amy DuVernet, Training Industry, Inc.; Mark L. Poteet, Organizational Research & Solutions; Brandy N. Parker, Johnson & Johnson; Kate M. Conley, University of Georgia; and Anne E. Herman, United Way of the Midlands

Overview of Results From the 2016 SIOP Income & Employment Survey

Have you been wondering about the latest SIOP salary report?

Itching to leverage data and insights in order to make your next move?

Hoping for some fresh numbers against which to benchmark or to cite when approaching your employer about that well-deserved raise?

Good news! These data have been collected and are now available in a variety of formats. Read on to learn more about key findings and trends found in the 2014 and 2015 income, benefits, and employment-related survey data. For those of you looking for more detail, the most recent technical report will be available here and will provide an in-depth reporting of the data collection effort, analyses, and results. For those who’d prefer a quick snapshot of the results, a summary of the major findings are visualized in an accompanying infographic available here. Finally, we’ve planned two additional articles to provide a deep dive into the major correlates of income data as well as gaps in the incomes reported by various subgroups....Continue reading this article in the most recent issue of The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist (TIP) or click on the picture below to read an infographic summarizing the findings.