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SIOP’s Advocacy Continues: The SIOP CSR Summit


by SIOP-United Nations Committee

For the last several years, SIOP has put great effort into emphasizing the prosocial side of our field.  This involves both science and practice that seeks to benefit others and/or society as a whole. It has included SIOP’s Veteran Transition Project, the Poverty Research Group, the Volunteer Program Assessment project, and many other individual projects led by SIOP members.

SIOP also partners in multiple ways with the Global Organisation for Humanitarian Work Psychology in fulfilling their mission to bring together I-O and other areas of psychology with deliberate and organized efforts to enhance human welfare. Our role within the SIOP United Nations Committee is to represent SIOP as a consultative nongovernmental organization (NGO) for the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations in promoting I-O knowledge in ways that will assist in the attainment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals; and, consistent with SIOP’s participation in the UN Global Compact, to support initiatives that promote principles of human rights, labor fairness, environmental sustainability, and anticorruption. Continue reading in the latest issue of TIP!