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Font Choice Is Not a Valid Personality Measurement


by SIOP Administrative Office

SIOP Committee Holds Visibility Event in Atlanta

Speaking about the popularity of personality assessments as management tools October 20, Brian Swider, assistant professor at Scheller College of Business, Georgia Institute of Technology said, “Just because your organization is currently assessing personality does not mean they are correctly assessing personality.”

The recent Top Minds and Bottom Lines event, organized by the SIOP Visibility Committee and hosted by the Scheller College of Business in conjunction with the 12th Annual Leading Edge Consortium, provided insights on the proper use of personality assessments for workforce management.


“Making It Personal: Using Personality Assessments for Workforce Management” drew an audience of around 40 graduate students, university faculty members, and business professionals.

The 90-minute program included presentations by four SIOP members followed by a question-and-answer session. Swider moderated and provided an introductory segment. The other three speakers were:

  • Tracy Kantrowitz, director of Research and Development at CEB
  • Richard Landers, associate professor of industrial and organizational psychology at Old Dominion University, and
  • Kayo Sady, a senior consultant at DCI Consulting Group, Inc.

Reliable assessments can provide a key source of insight for business selection and analysis, but misperceptions about personality assessments and their application in the workplace are widespread, according to the speakers.  In his presentation, “Risky Ideas about Personality Assessment,” Landers mentioned one recruiter who thought the font used on a resumé provided valid insight into the applicant’s personality.

According to Victoria Mattingly, chair of SIOP’s Top Minds and Bottom Lines series, the topic of this year’s event came from a 2015 Time Magazine cover story on the use of personality assessments in business that didn’t mention the work of I-O psychologists.   

“Since I-O psychologists are the preeminent experts on the topic, we wanted to provide insights into the proper use of assessments,” she said.

Presentation topics at the Top Minds and Bottom Lines event included defining and using personality assessments in the workplace, understanding how I-O psychologists leverage personality assessments for workplace management, and addressing possible negative consequences of using personality assessments.

A reception with snacks and drinks, immediately followed the event.


           For more photos of this event, visit SIOP’s Facebook page!


About the Scheller School of Business at Georgia Tech 

The Scheller School of Business at Georgia Tech is internationally recognized as a leader in business education that’s grounded in a deep understanding of how advances in technology affect the way business is conducted. We provide undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, professional, and corporate education for some of the future’s brightest business leaders, equipping them with the analytical skills to assess opportunities and apply appropriate technologies for a competitive advantage. It is located in Technology Square, a vibrant mix of students and professionals from the high-tech business community that surrounds the campus, in midtown Atlanta. The area includes the Advanced Technology Development Center, a business incubator where students find entrepreneurial education opportunities, and the Georgia Tech Enterprise Innovation Institute, the nation's largest program for business and industry assistance and technology commercialization.