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SIOP Leadership Candidates Announced!


by SIOP Administrative Office

SIOP President-Elect and Officer Voting to Take Place in November

Candidates for SIOP’s leadership have been announced! Voting will begin November 1, and all voting members (Full Members, Fellows, and retired Full Members and Fellows) will receive an e-mail with instructions for voting and a link to a list of the candidates and their biographies.

SIOP voting members will be choosing who will fill the following Executive Board positions:

  1. President-Elect: serves 1 year in this capacity and then assumes the office of President. The President presides at all meetings of the Society, acts as chair of the Executive Board, exercises general supervision over the affairs of the Society, and is an ex-officio member of all committees.
  2. Communications Officer: has oversight for TIP, the Electronic Communications Committee, the SIOP website, Newsbriefs e-newsletter, member emails, and any other electronic communication including my.SIOP, podcasts, blogs, etc.
  3. Conferences and Programs Officer: has oversight for the SIOP conference, workshops, Leading Edge Consortium, APA conference, and APS conference. 
  4. Research and Science Officer: oversees the Scientific Affairs and Institutional Research committees and provides services and support to members involved in the conduct of basic and applied research, including administration of the SIOP small grants program, establishing relationships with funding agencies to promote I-O related funding, advocacy in funding agencies for SIOP research, writing of white papers on topics important to SIOP members; may include institutional research.

All terms of office are 3 years. The complete list of candidates is below.

It is important to be informed about the candidates for SIOP leadership. All of this year’s nominees are exceptional. Nonetheless, they have different perspectives. Full bios and statements from the candidates can be found here and on the SIOP Elections page. SIOP encourages you to read this information before voting.


Dr. Seymour Adler
Dr. Steven D. Ashworth
Dr. Talya N. Bauer
Dr. Ronald S. Landis
Dr. Evan F. Sinar

Communications Officer:

Dr. Lori L. Foster
Dr. Debra A. Major
Dr. Morrie Mullins
Dr. Christopher T. Rotolo

Conferences and Programs Officer:

Dr. Alexis A. Fink
Dr. Eden B. King
Dr. Russell A. Matthews
Dr. Karen A. Tinker-Walker

Research and Science Officer:

Dr. Mariangela Battista
Dr. Reeshad S. Dalal
Dr. Gerald F. Goodwin
Dr. Steve W. J. Kozlowski                                                                                                 

All voting will take place online here. The elections procedures can be found here.

            Your vote is important--our officers shape
                     our future. Plan to cast your vote!

If you have any further questions regarding voting or the voting procedures changes, please contact the SIOP Administrative Office at 419-353-0032 or siop@siop.org.

Please note that in accordance with the bylaws, Associate Members, International Affiliates, and Student Members do not have voting privileges.