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Call for Nominations


by SIOP Administrative Office

Advances in Methodologies and Practices in Psychological Science Seeks Founding Editor

Nominations are being invited for the Founding Editor of Advances in Methodologies and Practices in Psychological Science, a new journal devoted to discipline-wide dissemination and discussion of new developments in research practices, methods, and conduct.

Advances in Methodologies and Practices in Psychological Science will publish new types of empirical work alongside articles and tutorials on research practices, methods, and conduct, broadly conceived. The editorial scope will encompass the breadth of psychological science, with editors, reviewers, and articles representing a balance among diverse disciplinary perspectives and methodological approaches.

An explicit part of the journal's mission is to encourage integration of methodological and analytical questions across multiple branches of psychological science. This type of cross-area integration will be an innovative aspect of the new journal and is fundamental to its identity, as is its mission of bringing methodological advances to all areas of the field. The Editor should be prepared to begin planning and outreach in early 2017 and to handle manuscript submissions in later 2017.

Selection Criteria: A Nominee must be a Member of APS and a recognized leader in psychological science. Criteria to be considered include:

  • Broad knowledge of the field of psychological science
  • Familiarity with APS mission and APS journals
  • Understanding and appreciation of the many relevant methodological approaches and best practices within all the various areas of the field
  • A commitment to transparency in research practices and methods
  • Intellectual vision and stature within psychological science to establish the journal in the forefront of the field
  • Demonstrated research, writing, reviewing, and managerial skills
  • Significant editorial experience
  • Commitment to devoting time to editorial duties

Please provide a name and contact information for each nominee to the Search Committee at editorsearch@psychologicalscience.org by November 10, 2016. Additional material may be sent, including curricula vitae and brief statements of interest or support, but at this point in the process, a name and contact information are sufficient. Please consider the diverse and international nature of our field in nominating colleagues. Self-nominations are encouraged, as are nominations of members of underrepresented groups in psychological science.
Those desiring more detailed information or who have questions should feel free to write or speak to someone on the Search Committee:
APS Editor Search Committee, editorsearch@psychologicalscience.org
Henry L. (Roddy) Roediger, III (chair), Washington University in St. Louis, roediger@wustl.edu
Dorthe Berntsen, Aarhus University, dorthe@psy.au.dk
Eric Eich, University of British Columbia, eric.eich@ubc.ca
Michael C. Frank, Stanford University, mcfrank@stanford.edu
Brian Nosek, University of Virginia / Center for Open Science, nosek@cos.io
Russell Poldrack, Stanford University, poldrack@stanford.edu
Teresa Treat, University of Iowa, teresa-treat@uiowa.edu
Simine Vazire, University of California, Davis, simine@gmail.com
Sarah Brookhart (ex officio), APS Executive Director, sbrookhart@psychologicalscience.org
Todd Reitzel, APS Director of Publications, treitzel@psychologicalscience.org