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What’s So Big About Big Data?


by SIOP Administrative Office

Six Fast Facts About How Big Data is Impacting the Workplace

Talent analytics and big data have become leading organizational buzz words over the last several years—and for good reason.

Talent analytics has been dubbed a “crystal ball” for HR and management and lauded for its seemingly endless applications for succession planning, employee engagement, talent management, staffing, and various other aspects of managing organizations. Learn more about how big data is changing the workplace in the big data fact sheet.

 So, how can you help your organization leverage and maximize big data and talent analytics?

SIOP’s 12th Annual Leading Edge Consortium (LEC), “Talent Analytics: Data Science to Drive People Decisions and Business Impact,” taking place October 21 and 22 in Atlanta, will showcase the power and promise of this science with a focus on combining organizational science with new and emerging methods in data collection, analysis, and display to deliver game-changing insight for organizations. 

Read the big data fact sheet and then learn more at this year’s SIOP Leading Edge Consortium, “Talent Analytics: Data Science to Drive People Decisions and Business Impact.” Register today!