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SIOP Releases 2016 Post-Conference Survey Results


by SIOP Administrative Office

More than 1,500 conference attendees participated in the 2016 SIOP post-conference survey, setting a new record for both the raw numbers and percentage (35%) of survey responses.  

Christopher Cerasoli and Jessica Nicklin managed the survey process and wrote the resulting SIOP 2016 Conference Satisfaction Report.

 “Respondents had a generally positive, enriching experience at the conference in Anaheim, CA,” the report notes. Responses to the question “Overall, how satisfied were you with the conference” showed a mean of 4.13, compared to a 2015 (Philadelphia) mean of 4.26, a 2014 (Hawaii) mean of 4.11, and a 2013 (Houston) mean of 4.31. Further, registrations at this year’s conference were higher (4,338) than those for Philadelphia (4,325), Hawaii (2,974), and Houston (3,871). Following a continuing effort to streamline and reduce survey length, response rates were higher; whereas Hawaii had a response rate of 29.12% (866 attendees out of 2,974 registrants) and Philadelphia had a response rate of 32.95% (1,425 respondents out of 4,325 registrants), the current survey had a response rate of 35.29% (1,531 respondents out of 4,338 registrants).

The 43-page report covers several aspects of the conference, including cost of attendance,
conference facilities, session types, and organization. Demographics are given extensive coverage, including the topics of gender, educational level, membership status, and career path.

Other coverage includes social media usage, planned attendance at the Leading Edge Consortium, and next year’s conference in Orlando, as well as historical comparisons.
36 data visualizations and 11 tables round out the comprehensive presentation of information. Read the full report here.