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Getting it Right


by Clif Boutelle, SIOP Public Relations

Personality Testing is Focus of Special Event at Georgia Tech

Organizations are increasingly employing personality assessment data to identify high-quality candidates, ranging from blue collar workers to top managers and even CEOs, according to several studies

The United States Assessment Barometer survey found 54 percent of companies are now using assessment tests to select, onboard, and develop their staff.

Assessments, backed by rigorous scientific research, are powerful tools for organizations that can shed light on a candidate’s suitability for a specific job. They are being used to select people during the pre-employment stage, learning the strengths and weaknesses of people already on staff for advancement and to create talent assessments that can improve retention and overall productivity. Perhaps one of the strongest arguments for using personality assessments is to avoid making costly bad hires and promotions.


Learning more about this important business trend is the goal of an upcoming SIOP Visibility Committee event for graduate students and business professionals titled “Making It Personal: Using Personality Assessments for Workforce Management.” The event is being hosted by the Scheller College of Business at Georgia Tech.

This free program will be held 6:30-8 p.m. Thursday, October 20 in Room 300 of the Scheller Business Building and will feature presentations from leaders in the field of employee selection and the use of personality assessments.

The event is part of SIOP’s “Top Minds and Bottom Lines” series to demonstrate how the field of industrial and organizational psychology can benefit organizations. Previous sessions have been held in Houston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, and Anaheim.

Victoria Mattingly, chair of the Visibility Committee’s subcommittee that is arranging this event, said industrial and organizational psychologists are key players in developing valid testing procedures because of their ability and training to think critically about human behavior.

“Reliable assessments can provide a key source of insight for business selection and analysis and I-O psychologists possess the research insight and analytical skills that make them valuable HR partners who can guide critical decisions needed for business success,” Mattingly said.

Tracy Kantrowitz, director of research and development at CEB in Alpharetta; Richard Landers (center), an associate professor of industrial and organizational psychology at Old Dominion University, and Kayo G. Sady, a consultant at DCI Consulting Group in Washington, D.C. will present at this event. Brian Swider, assistant professor of industrial and organizational psychology at Georgia Tech, will moderate.

Objectives for the event include defining personality assessments and how they are used in the workplace, understanding the work I-O psychologists do to leverage personality assessments for workplace management and addressing possible consequences of using personality assessments, such as faking answers and applicant reactions.

For more information about the event and links to parking and driving information, please visit the Top Minds and Bottom Lines homepage.

The Scheller School of Business at Georgia Tech is internationally recognized as a leader in business education that’s grounded in a deep understanding of how advances in technology affect the way business is conducted. We provide undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, professional, and corporate education for some of the future’s brightest business leaders, equipping them with the analytical skills to assess opportunities and apply appropriate technologies for a competitive advantage. It is located in Technology Square, a vibrant mix of students and professionals from the high-tech business community that surrounds the campus, in midtown Atlanta. The area includes the Advanced Technology Development Center, a business incubator where students find entrepreneurial education opportunities, and the Georgia Tech Enterprise Innovation Institute, the nation's largest program for business and industry assistance and technology commercialization. For more information visit www.scheller.gatech.edu.