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IOP Journal Now Accepting Commentaries


by SIOP Administrative Office

Deadline for Submission September 21!

Two focal articles have recently been accepted for Volume 10, Issue 1 of SIOP’s journal, Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice. They are now available for comment on the SIOP website.

The deadline for commentary submissions is September 21, 2016.

The first focal article for this issue is “Rise of HR—New Mandates for I-O” by William A. Schiemann and Dave Ulrich. These are exciting and changing times in the world of business overall and for industrial-organizational (I-O) psychologists in particular. To anticipate where human capital professionals may add the most value to organizations in the future, the authors asked 73 leading academics, consultants, association leaders, and senior HR leaders to articulate what HR professionals need to know and do to be successful in the future. The responses create unique insights on challenges and opportunities for I-O psychologists who want to have impact from their work. The authors summarize these insights into seven themes and discuss their implications for an emerging I-O mandate.

The second focal article is “Subtle Discrimination in the Workplace: A Vicious Cycle” by Kristen P. Jones, Dave F. Arena, Christine L. Nittrouer, Natalya M. Alonso, and Alex P. Lindsey. Due to rising pressure to appear egalitarian, subtle discrimination pervades today’s workplace. Although its ambiguous nature may make it seem innocuous on the surface, an abundance of empirical evidence suggests subtle discrimination undermines employee and organizational functioning, perhaps even more so than its overt counterpart.  In the following manuscript, the authors argue for a multidimensional and continuous, rather than categorical, framework for discrimination. In doing so, they propose that there exist several related but distinct continuums on which instances of discrimination vary including subtlety, formality, and intentionality. Next, they argue for organizational scholarship to migrate toward a more developmental, dynamic perspective of subtle discrimination in order to build a more comprehensive understanding of its antecedents, underlying mechanisms, and outcomes. The authors further contend that everyone plays a part in the process of subtle discrimination at work and, as a result, bears some responsibility in addressing and remediating it. They conclude with a brief overview of research on subtle discrimination in the workplace from each of four stakeholder perspectives – targets, perpetrators, bystanders, and allies – and review promising strategies that can be implemented by each of these stakeholders to remediate subtle discrimination in the workplace.

The focal articles can be downloaded from the Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice page. The journal page also contains details on the process of preparing and submitting a commentary. Please contact Editor John Scott at JScott@APTMetrics.com with any questions about the commentary process.

We look forward to your submissions!

COMING SOON! IOP Practice Forum

With the December 2016 issue, the IOP journal is introducing a new Practice Forum, designed to help advance the effective practice of industrial-organizational psychology through practitioner-oriented articles. This forum will give practitioners an outlet for communicating and/or learning about various practice-related issues. Click here for more information!