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September Is Smarter Workplace Awareness Month!


by SIOP Administrative Office

Show Your I-O Pride and Keep an Eye Out for Research, Downloads, and News All Month Long

Get ready to celebrate! September is Smarter Workplace Month!

SIOP’s Smarter Workplace Awareness Month kicked off in September of 2014 as a way to celebrate and promote the science and practice of I-O psychology.

"We are very pleased to be celebrating the third annual Smarter Workplace Month this year,” said Liberty Munson, who launched the awareness month with Communications Manager Stephany Below and the SIOP Visibility Committee (currently chaired by Stephanie Klein). “The goal of this month has always been to help others see how I-O psychologists use science to make the workplace smarter—more efficient, effective, productive, and engaged.  Each year we see a growing body of research and practice in the field of I-O psychology that is positively impacting business and society. It is certainly worth celebrating and sharing with organizations and the public—and we hope SIOP members will feel the same way and help us to spread the word!” 

Throughout the month of September, SIOP and I-O psychologists are encouraged to take extra time to promote the many ways I-O psychology makes the workplace smarter—more effective, efficient, productive, and generally a better place for employees and employers to work.

SIOP will be sharing I-O research, news, and history on our website and social media platforms. Be sure to also check the Smarter Workplace Month web page for links to press releases, downloads, and more!

What You Can Do to Get Involved

Here are several simple ways you can get involved and help spread the word about Smarter Workplace Awareness Month and I-O psychology:

  • Keep an eye out for all of the posts labeled #SmarterWorkplace on SIOP’s social media. These are posts specifically written for Smarter Workplace month and will contain links to new research, articles, history facts, and more interesting information about I-O psychology.
  • This month, use the hashtags #SIOP and #SmarterWorkplace for all of your I-O and SIOP-related posts. After Smarter Workplace month, continue to use the #SIOP hashtag or @SIOPtweets in your posts to help stay connected to SIOP and let others know about us.
  • Read and share SIOP’s #SmarterWorkplace posts on social media. Sharing is caring!
  • Share your own or colleagues’ research articles and links to stories in which they are interviewed. And don’t forget bullet point #2.
  • Read our news and press releases and share our research with colleagues and friends.
  • Educate yourself about SIOP’s history, brand, and purpose. Read a history of SIOP and our mission statement, watch our branding video, or read through our new SIOP brochures.
  • Send any articles that mention SIOP members to Stephany Below at sbelow@siop.org so we can promote them.